Intimate Products from Australian Bodycare

Your intimate skin is skin too, and needs care and attention just like the rest of your body. However, taking care of your intimate area requires different habits and other skin care routines, since your intimate area is delicate and can be prone to infection.

Did you know that over 75 % of women have experienced intimate discomfort?

Therefore chosing the right products is essential when taking care of your intimate area and for prevention of intimate discomfort such as dryness, itching, irritation or embarrassing odor.

Your intimate area is unique and has a pH which is different to the skin of the rest of your body. Our Intimate care collection is specially designed to care for the unique pH levels and provide you with everything you need to stay refreshed, cleansed and hydrated.

Our intimate products are 100% Vegan and Contains Pharmaceutical Grade natural, Australian Tea Tree Oil. Dermatologically and Gynecologically tested by experts.

Femigel and Femi Daily is a 100% Natural gel and has proved impressive results in a clinical study:

✔ 100 % says that the products removes itching.

✔ 94 % says that products removes dryness.

✔ 94 % says that products removes irritation.

✔ 88 % says that products removes unwanted odour.

Visualizzazione del risultato

Visualizzazione del risultato