Body serie stor pakke – Tea Tree Oil keeps the skin healthy

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A pack of four whole nourishing products for all skin types. Contains lots of active, natural ingredients to enhance your skin with fugtighedsboosts. The products both heals and soothes irritated skin. The antibacterial effect comes from the Australian Tea Tree Oil. Liver products are not up to your expectations, providing total satisfaction guarantee.

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The skin is the body’s largest organ. Therefore, Australian Bodycare assembled a package of four of the best products to care for and care just skin. The package includes a body soap and three kinds of creams: A body lotion for daily use, a protective after shave cream and an ultra-nourishing cream for damaged skin.

With the package, you have a very good starting point to give your skin the care it needs. Both the sink and adding moisture to the daily. But also particularly exposed areas with dry skin and areas which are irritated by hair removal.

All products contain the natural Tea Tree Oil as well as lots of other active ingredients carefully selected to nourish and strengthen your skin in the best way. There is no parabens in any of the products.

body Wash

A mild but effective body cleanser that is perfect for everyday use, where it just like the other products in the series can be used by the whole family and for all skin types.

Tea Tree Oil has an antiseptic effect, which means that it is effective against bacteria, so they do not damage your skin. In addition, the soap also moisturizing properties, so the skin does not dry out after bath.

Still, it is always a good idea to smear themselves with a good body lotion after bathing.

Body Lotion Daily Care

Body lotion daily care is a good and soothing body lotion. Its mild and nourishing cream is ideal for daily use because it can be used all over the body and for all skin types.

The daily use provides a preventive effect which is crucial for healthy skin. When the skin retain its natural moisture balance without drying out in between, the elastic skin to withstand much.

Body Cream Intense Repair

Injuries and dry skin can never be avoided completely. For some areas of skin are just more vulnerable. Therefore, it is good to have a special cream for injured and very dry skin. It gives extra care to vulnerable areas that need it due to wear, drying or other influences. Then the skin again become soft, healthy and elastic.

Body Balm After Shave

Hair removal is often a tough game for the skin. A cream specifically for use after shaving prevents the occurrence of ingrown hairs, red bumps and irritated skin. It also has a soothing effect on pain and itching, as well as the special Tasmanian pepper counteracts irritation. The cream can be used anywhere on the body and is quite mild and caring.

Buy the complete package with skincare for the body and strengthen your skin to make it healthy, soft and well-groomed.

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Weight1.30 kg

body lotion: 200 mlbody balm: 200 mlbody cream: 100 mlbody wash: 500 ml

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