face serien – Tea Tree Oil against pimples and acne

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The complete cure, and effective prevention of pimples and acne in a single package. Three products for cleansing the skin and the practical Spot Stick to effective first aid for pimples, blackheads and other skin impurities.

Buy it today and say goodbye to pimples and acne. We have a satisfaction guarantee on all our products

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In this convenient, we have gathered all the products in Face series against pimples and impure called. This allows you to take effective action against pimples, as you know daily treatment can prevent the formation of new pimples, blackheads and other blemishes.

Prompt first aid with Spot Stick

For emergent pimples outer package Spot Stick with Tea Tree oil effective action. Use it directly on the pimple as soon as you discover it and feel the soothing effect. Then treat the area with the other products, as soon as you get home.

Using care products in Face Series

For daily care, you can use Face Series other products as follows:

1. Wash your face with Face Wash as excess fat removed gently from the skin pores

2. Use Face Tonic to clean the skin effectively and gently down to the pores.

3. Finish with a soothing layer Face Cream that maintains the skin’s natural balance and provides an antibacterial surface.

Tea Tree Oil – 100% natural from Australia

Products in Face-series can be used for all skin types. Tea Tree Oil is a 100% natural ingredient without sulfates and parabens, which comes from the Australian tea trees.

Tea Tree Oil counteracts bacteria, gently removes excess fat and gives the skin a protective antibacterial surface to avoid bacteria in the skin pores. The distinctive scent of Tea Tree Oil disappear shortly after application, but the antibacterial effect lasts somewhat longer.

Buy Face series collected at a good price and get rid of acne and pimples once and for all. Not satisfied with the results within 14 days of receipt, you can simply return the product and get a refund – read more about our satisfaction guarantee here!

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Weight0.43 kg

spot stick: 9 ml.face wash: 100 ml.face tonic: 150 ml.face cream: 50 ml.


spot stick: Limonene og Linalool. I alt: ca. 0,01%face wash: Limonene og Linalool. I alt: ca. 0,02%face tonic: Limonene og Linalool. I alt: ca. 0,01%face cream: Limonene og Linalool. I alt: ca. 0,01%

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