hair serie pakken – care for hair and scalp with Tea Tree Oil

299,00 kr

A sleek package for pampering the hair and scalp on a daily basis. Includes shampoo, conditioner and scalp shed – all with the antiseptic Tea Tree Oil. In addition, the products contain many additional attractive, natural ingredients that are effective against dandruff, irritated and dry scalp. There is as always full satisfaction guarantee on all products.

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Hair and scalp are places on the body that are daily exposed to a little of everything. Just think back on the past week. How many times have you washed hair, combed hair, using hair styling products, blow dried, used straighteners, had hat or helmet on, put your hair up and so on. It’s all stuff wears out the hair and scalp.

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Additional Information
Weight1.30 kg

hair clean: 250 mlhair care: 250 mlscalp cure: 150 ml

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