Medium package for pimples and unclean skin – with antiseptic Tea Tree Oil

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This package has most of what you need if you are bothering with pimples and unclean skin. It contains both Face Wash, Face Cream and Spot Stick, all containing the natural Tea Tree Oil. It is an oil that works well against pimples and impurities because it has an atiseptic effect that combats bacteria.
It can be difficult to get impurities and pimples to life. Some need hard medicine while others are just lucky to have a nice skin from nature’s side. Most, on the other hand, just need a good daily routine with the very right skin care products and nature’s own means of contamination.
All three skin care products in this package contain the natural antiseptic tea tree oil that combats bacteria. It therefore works both on the pimples and impurities you already have, and have a preventive effect, so you counteract more impurities in the future.

Face Wash
A good starting point for a skin free from pimples and impurities is a good mild soap. It is important that it is effective against bacteria, but on the other hand, it must not be too scratchy by the skin. Then you risk destroying your skin. If the skin is first damaged, it becomes much more susceptible to dirt and bacteria that can settle and form pimples and impurities.
It is therefore a good idea to start your daily skin care routine by washing your face so that you get rid of dirt and dirt. Much of what can subsequently form pimples is not visible dirt. Here is the Face Wash included in the package, perfect. So start using it before moving on with your morning toilet.

Face Cream
For a healthy and delicious skin without pimples and impurities, you also need a good daily cream to the face. This ensures that the skin stays smooth and with a healthy glow. It not only makes the skin nicer to look at, but also more resistant to bacteria.
A dry skin has tiny cracks that form an entrance to the skin for bacteria. Here they can really settle and grow until they form large impurities and pimples. Then give your face a wash and a good care of cream every day – preferably twice a day. Like all our other skin care products, our Face Cream is good for all types of skin – also very sensitive skin.

Spot Stick
Sometimes the pimples need a little more effective treatment than the daily care. Here, Spot Stick is good because you can treat exactly where your skin needs it. It is the antiseptic Tea Tree Oil that does most of the work to fight the bacteria that have formed the one they are bothering you to treat. Spot Stick also ensures that the skin provides the beneficial and healing effect it needs at the affected places.

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