Pack against beardpest and razor buds after shaving on the face

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To avoid sure toes. </ H2>

Step 1: </ strong> </ h3>

The crucial thing in the fight against acid toes is to remove all the bacteria that is the reason why your toes smell. Therefore, wash your feet with body wash each morning in the package. This soap contains tea tree oil that counteracts bacteria and thereby removes bacteria that give acidic toes.
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Step 2: </ strong> </ h3>

After washing your toes, thoroughly wipe your feet. The fungus spores that lead to fungus and bad odor have extra good conditions in a humid environment. It is therefore very important to get your dried feet really well you have washed them.
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Step 3: </ strong> </ h3>

End your morning routine using the body cream included in the package. It’s an effective moisturizer that keeps your feet moisture and their natural agility. But most of all, prevent the cracking that may be the gateway to mushrooms.
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Extra effort: </ strong> </ h3>

When you have time, you should take a foot bath where they add the accompanying Rene Tea Tree Oil. It’s a very effective way to clean your feet 100%. Keep in mind, however, that a foot bath should not take longer than 5 to 10 minutes.
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Included in the package is a guide and good advice against sure toes so you are sure to get the problem alive.
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