Small package against pimples and unclean skin – with antiseptic Tea Tree Oil

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The antiseptic Tea Tree Oil is a natural oil that counteracts bacterial creams in the skin, which can lead to impurities and pimples. This package contains both Face Wash and Face Cream, both containing the effective oil. Ideal for everyday care to prevent impurities and pimples.
Good daily skin care routines and hygiene are one of the keys to a healthy, strong and clean skin. Pimples and impurities are small bacterial-filled accumulations in the skin. So when you squeeze all the white plaster out of a bum, it’s because some unwanted bacteria have been allowed to put themselves in the skin and grow up to the annoying bum. That’s why a good skin care routine is important.
With the right products you fight the bacteria so that they are not allowed to get into the skin. At the same time, skin care products from Australian Bodycare are all skin types – especially sensitive skin – and contribute a lot of skin care. Then it becomes extra delicious and much more resistant to unwanted bacteria.
Face Wash
The mild face wash is not scratchy to the skin – it’s the one in return against bacteria! It helps to wash off the bacteria that have settled during the day and night. But it also has a preventative effect against the bacteria that try to put on the skin after you have washed it.
It is thanks to the natural Tea Tree Oil, which has an antiseptic, effective effect against unwanted bacteria, that you can prevent pimples with our Face Wash. At the same time, the Face Wash also contains nourishing ingredients that make the skin not dry out.

Face Cream
It’s also incredibly important to provide a well-groomed and well-worn skin to avoid too many impurities and pimples. When the skin is dry, there are a lot of tiny cracks in the one that the bacteria can settle in. Thus, the bacteria are more firmly attached to the skin and can get further into the skin so that they are properly attached.
When the skin is well-groomed and elastic, it becomes more resistant to new bacteria that try to settle. It also helps Tea Tree Oil so that the skin not only becomes stronger against impurities and pimples, but also appears well-groomed, smooth and with a healthy glow.

How to use the products
It is a good idea to wash your face with Face Wash both morning and evening. Both during a long day – but also at night – it is now possible to collect many bacteria and dirt that you can not see. When you wash your skin twice a day, it becomes easier to prevent impurities and pimples because the bacteria do not have time to get stuck in the skin.
After washing your face, be sure to give it a lot of moisture and care with Face Cream, which gives the skin moisture boost and care that makes it soft, soft and extra resistant to bacteria.

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