Hair & Scalp Products from Australian Bodycare

Are you longing for healthy hair without an irritated scalp. To restore the wellbeing of your hair and scalp, chosing the right products is essential. And a little help from native plants of the Australian nature goes a long way.

Australian Bodycare offers a unique range of Hair & Scalp care which nourishes your hair with goodness. The products  are infused with 100% pure High Pharmaceutical Grade Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Using Australian Bodycare products as part of your daily hair care routine will help you keep your hair and scalp naturally clean and healthy. Our naturally-inspired haircare range are suitable for dry, damaged, dandruff-prone hair – and everything in between!

Try these unique hair & scalp products to improve your scalp’s health and control head lice.

All products from Australian Bodycare is 100% Vegan – naturally inspired and never tested on animals. Dermatologically tested by experts.

Scalp Cure and Hair Clean has proved impressive results in a clinical study:

✔ 100% of users say that scalp cure makes the scalp adequately moist

✔ 92% of users experience a calming effect on their scalp problems.

✔ 88% say that Scalp Cure effectively treated their scalp problem.

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Showing all 4 results