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Treat your skin problems with Tea Tree Oil

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Why you should take care of your skin with

Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare


Tea Tree Oil is a natural, ethereal oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian tree, Melaleuca Alternifolia.


Tea Tree Oil restores the natural bacterial flora of the skin and prevents infectious bacteria.


Used on a daily basis, the Tea Tree Oil treats various skin problems while keeping the skin healthy.

Effective and Gentle Emergency Treatment

The secret behind smooth skin is found in the beautiful nature of Australia. For generations, the knowledge and usage of tea tree oil have been passed down in Aboriginal culture. Australian Bodycare has developed a series of products with tea tree oil functioning as the primary active ingredient. All products share the ability to prevent and heal various skin issues.


Due to the mild formulas, the products are suitable for all members of the family. Despite the efficiency in curing common skin related issues, all products are extremely gentle on the skin – even on sensitive skin types. Our goal is to help people to healthier skin. For that reason, we are constantly working on providing you with good advice for your daily skin care routines.


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Tea Tre Oil – Nature’s first aid kit

Tea tree oil

How to treat your skin problems

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