Face Products from Australian Bodycare

Face Products from Australian Bodycare Face Products from Australian Bodycare
  • Face care

    Tea tree Face Wash for pimples and blackheads

    Face Wash for daily face cleansing – good again...

    From $16.99
  • Face care

    Tea Tree Oil spot treatment for congested skin

    Spot Stick - First aid treatment for spots | So...

    From $10.99
  • Face care

    Tea Tree Face cream for pimples and congested skin

    Australian Bodycare Face Cream 50ml – Face mois...

    From $17.99
  • Face care

    Facial toner for daily deep cleansing

    150 ml Alcohol free facial toner for daily use ...

    From $13.99
  • Face serum

    Set for the care of rosacea, redness on face & sensitive skin

    3 skin care products to calm skin irritation, w...

  • Face care

    3x Tea Tree Oil spot stick for pimples and blackheads

    3x Spot Stick (9 ml) – first aid for pimples | ...

  • Face care

    Face care kit for skin blemishes

    4 products to prevent and treat congested and o...

  • Face care

    Face wipes 24 pcs.

    Facial wipes for removing makeup, dirt and bact...

  • BHA T–zone exfoliant

    BHA T-zone exfoliant (55/150 ml) exfoliates dea...

    From $18.99
  • Face serum

    Hyaluronic Acid booster set for a smooth and glowing skin

    Daily cleansing products for dry skin with wrin...

  • Face care

    Face pack with face scrubber

    Complete package of products for daily cleansin...

  • Face care

    Cleansing face mask for congested and oily skin

    Face Mask against congested skin, pimples and b...

  • Face care

    Wet wipes for face 6 x 24 pcs

    The facial wipes are designed to remove make-up...

  • Award Winner 🏆
    Face care

    Complete skin care set against spots and congested skin

    Do you suffer from oily and blemished skin? Spo...

  • Face serum

    Skin care set for wrinkles and dehydrated skin

    3 effective cleansing products for dehydrated a...

  • Award Winner 🏆
    Face serum

    3x Niacinamide serum for pimples and blackheads

    3x30 ml Niacinamide Serum for daily care of ski...

  • Face care

    Facial cleansing brush for exfoliation

    Pimples, blackheads and clogged pores? Face Scr...

  • Face care

    BHA T–Zone Peeling Set

    Cleansing products for oily skin, pimples, and ...

  • Award Winner 🏆
    Face care

    T–zone Peeling Kit

    Daily cleansing products for oily skin, oily T-...

  • Face serum

    Set of anti aging products for 50+ skin

    Skin care products to cleanse and care for matu...

  • Face care

    Kit for blackheads

    5x face products for daily use on skin with bla...

  • Face care

    XL Facial products for pimples and blemished skin

    5 products: face wash, face cream and 3x Spot S...

  • Face serum

    Pre–aging skincare set for wrinkle prevention

    3 daily face products for young skin to help pr...

  • Face serum

    Package of 4 products with anti aging products for mature skin (50+)

    Skin care products to cleanse and care for matu...


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Read on if you want pimples and congested skin out of your life

Congested skin and pimples occur on your face when the sebaceous glands stop working properly. The glands start to overproduce sebum and bacteria can penetrate the skin increasing the risk of inflammation and pimples.

A consistent skincare routine is key to having a skin that is free of pimples, blackheads and impurities. Read on if you want to know how to quickly and easily it is to remove blackheads and congested skin, as well as which products you should use to prevent pimples.

We guide you through the best products for pimples, congested skin and blackheads.

Do you suffer with impure skin and pimples?

Pimples always come at the worst times, and if you suffer with congested skin, you know how inhibiting it can be to everyday life. Fortunately, there is something you can do to minimize breakouts, impure skin and persistent pimples. It all starts with a good skin care routine and products that, using active ingredients, break down the bacteria that cause the problems on the skin.

Australian Bodycare products are designed to fight congested skin, pimples and blackheads, and they can also be used for daily skin care for acne.

Do you have blackheads?

The small, black impurities that often sit on the nose, in the forehead and on the chin? Blackheads occur when the pores in the skin stop working properly due to overproduction of sebum. Dirt and dead skin cells accumulate, and the blackheads show up.

By cleansing the skin morning and evening you can beat both blackheads and pimples.

How to get rid of congested skin, pimples and blackheads on your face

The products in our facial range contain the active ingredient Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil has a bacterial inhibitory effect, and with continuous use of the products, it becomes more difficult for bacteria to get into the pores of the skin, minimizing the risk of pimples, blackheads and congested skin.

1) Face Wash – mild facial cleanser for morning and evening

Start with our Face Wash, which effectively cleanses the skin using Tea Tree Oil. Always start your skincare routine with a good face wash to cleanse the skin of dirt and bacteria that have accumulated during the day and night so they don't develop into pimples and congested skin.

2) Face Tonic - daily deep face cleanse

Our Face Tonic is free of alcohol and mild to the skin. Face Tonic contains, among other things, antiseptic Tea Tree Oil, which deep cleans pores. Coconut oil and glycerin retain moisture and nourish the skin. A well moisturised skin is important, otherwise there is a risk of overproduction of sebum that can lead to congested skin, multiple pimples and irritating blackheads.

3) Face Cream – nourishing cream for day and night

Use a good face cream after cleansing to avoid drying out the skin. Our Face Cream our customers' favourite for both day and night as it is antiseptic making it effective against pimples and congested skin. With daily use, the cream acts preventively on blackheads and other impurities.

4) Spot Stick – first aid for pimples and blackheads

Our effective Spot Stick is your ‘first aid’ to fight pimples and blackheads. Its active ingredients counteract impurities by closing the pores so that bacteria and dirt cannot find their way into the skin. In addition, it is also suitable for insect bites and mosquito bites as it cools the skin and stops itching.

We've collected our customers' favourites for congested skin in one pack of 4 products, so you can easily get started fighting pimples, blackheads and other impurities: https://australian-bodycare.com/collections/face-care/products/face-kit

Do you need a little extra help to fight blackheads, pimples and congested skin?

Why not try some of our other customers’ favourites and combine your skincare routine with:

Face Mask – Exfoliating and deep-cleansing clay mask
Our deep cleansing clay mask cleanses and exfoliates the skin and is highly effective at removing and preventing blackheads. In combination with our other facial products, the mask prevents bacteria and dirt from settling on the skin and ensures that the sebaceous glands can work properly minimizing the risk of congested skin, pimples and blackheads.

Blackhead remover – your effective tool against blackheads and impurities
This is an effective tool when pimples and blackheads have clogged the pores of the skin. Remember to clean the blackhead remover both before and after use to avoid retransferring bacteria and dirt onto the skin.

All our face products are available to buy separately.

However, many of our customers prefer to buy the total package of 4 products that ensures the most optimal skin care routine for congested skin, pimples and blackheads: https://australian-bodycare.com/collections/face-care/products/face-kit

Face Products from Australian Bodycare
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