Products for preventing red spots, razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by intimate shaving

Intimate Shaving Products from Australian Bodycare Intimate Shaving Products from Australian Bodycare
  • Intim shave

    Intimate shaving gel against razor burn and ingrown hair

    Transparent shaving gel for a genital area shav...

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  • Intim shave

    Intimate shaving set against razor burn and shaving rash

    3 products for a smooth intimate shave, free fr...

  • Intim shave

    Intimate aftershave balm for razor burn, ingrown hair and razor bumps

    Aftershave balm to be used after pubic hair sha...

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  • Intim shave

    Brazilian Wax Kit

    Intimate Wash 500 ml, Body Scrub 200 ml and Aft...

  • Intim shave

    Intimate shaving without ingrown hair & shaving bumps

    Scrub, shaving gel and aftershave balm for shav...

  • Intim shave

    Intimate soap for use before shaving

    Intimate soap for daily intimate care of itchin...

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  • Intim shave

    XL Intimate shaving kit

    200 ml Intimate Shave Gel and 200 ml Intimate B...

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    Pack of 4 products for intimate shaving

    Intimate soap, scrub, shave gel and intimate af...


If you intimately shave, you are probably aware of the annoying red spots and ingrown hairs that sometimes occur as a result. The problem can be persistent and can scratch, irritate and be very troublesome.

The answer is a good intimate wash and nurturing shaving products.

Here we can help guide you on which intimate cleanser to use and which other products we recommend to avoid shaving spots and ingrown hairs.

Tired of red razor spots and irritation after intimate shaving?

Red spots, irritation and shaving rash in the intimate area from shaving are really annoying – itching and it doesn't look pretty. Red shaving spots and skin irritation in the intimate area can affect both men and women after shaving this most delicate skin.

Shaving spots generally occur because bacteria can easily enter open pores after shaving. The bacteria can create inflammation that progresses into small red spots and beard rash if the problem is not resolved.

Our intimate shave products are designed to prevent bacteria and dirt getting into open pores and prevent the formation of red spots and razor burn.

Do you get ingrown hairs after intimate shaving?

Ingrown hairs can be very painful, and when they are in the intimate area, they can be particularly unpleasant.

Ingrown hairs are often caused by shaving, the problem occurs because the hair grows into the skin instead of out. At worst, it can set itself as an inflamed spot or boil – and that’s not fun in the intimate area.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to prevent ingrown hairs. We'll guide you to choose the best products to avoid ingrown hairs the next time you intimately shave.

3 easy steps to avoid ingrown hairs, beard rash and shaving spots in the intimate area

Although the cause of red shaving spots and ingrown hairs is different, the conditions are very similar. The problems are best solved by good preparation of the skin before shaving and a good aftercare.

1) Intimate Wash - intimate cleanser for daily intimate care

First, wash the intimate area thoroughly before you start with the razor. That way, you wash away bacteria and dirt that can cause red spots and ingrown hairs.

Use a cleanser that is pH-balanced to the intimate area so you don't ruin the skin’s natural protection. Our Intimate Wash contains natural Tea Tree Oil, which protects the intimate area from bacteria and minimises the risk of red spots and ingrown hairs.

2) Intimate Shave - transparent gel for intimate shaving

Use a shaving gel when shaving the intimate area. This ensures that the area is free of bacteria during shaving, avoiding red spots. Our Intimate Shave with natural Tea Tree Oil is transparent, so not only is it easy to work with it also minimises the risk of ingrown hairs and shaving spots.

3) Intimate Balm – cooling and healing aftershave

Use a soothing and anti-bacterial balm after shaving. Our Intimate Balm contains natural Tea Tree Oil, which counteracts bacteria and Tasmanian pepper to soothe the skin and reduces irritation. Intimate Balm nourishes the skin and adds moisture, very important in helping to avoid ingrown hairs, red spots and razor burn.

You'll quickly get rid of red shaving spots, ingrown hairs and irritation after intimate shaving by using our complete intimate shaving kit.

We have gathered our customers' favourites in one package here.

Intimate Shaving Products from Australian Bodycare
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