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Menopause is an inevitable part of life for both women and men. Most often, it is women's menopause we are talking about, as it is women who undergo the biggest change in the body. Therefore, it is also often women who experience the symptoms of menopause.

However, both women and men can experience physical and psychological changes when going through menopause.

Fortunately, you can get through the skin problems that menopause can cause by caring for your skin, hair and mouth with good Tea Tree Oil products.

Menopause - What is it

When you hit menopause, it means your body goes through major hormonal changes. Both men and women will experience a drop in hormone levels (testosterone and oestrogen, respectively).

However, men experience a gradual drop in testosterone, while women's oestrogen levels change more abruptly. Therefore, it is often women who experience the body's reaction to menopause to a particularly high degree.

Menopause is when a woman's menstrual bleeding decreases and eventually stops altogether. Therefore, in addition to intimate discomfort, many women experience irregular periods and spotting during menopause.

What symptoms come with menopause?

Some women experience symptoms such as fatigue, poor sleep, hot flushes and headaches. In addition, many also experience skin problems during menopause. This is because the hormonal balance changes drastically, which can manifest as hair loss, dry skin, dry mouth and intimate problems.

Intimate problems during menopause for women include dry mucous membranes, itching and unwanted odour from the genital area. As it is ovarian oestrogen production that secretes vaginal discharge and moisturises the vagina and mucous membranes, this will often affect menopausal women.

The mucous membranes in the mouth are also affected by the changing hormone levels in the body, which can also cause dry mouth and bad breath.

In addition to intimate problems, it is also common to experience both hair loss and changes in skin condition. Some people experience dryer skin, while others experience the opposite: oily and blemished skin. It's highly individualised, but it's all due to the hormonal changes that are an inevitable part of menopause.

When does menopause occur?

The onset of menopause can vary, but for most people it's between the ages of 45-55. On average, women enter menopause when they are 52. Some find that menopause starts in their late 20s, while others don't experience menopause until they are over 60.

If you're 45 or over and you suddenly experience hot flushes, sweating, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness and mouth dryness, it could be the onset of menopause. You can always go to your doctor for a check-up if you're unsure.

How long does menopause last?

The period of hot flushes, sleep problems and skin challenges can last anywhere from a few years to more than 10 years. It's very individualised and it's hard to say exactly, as it varies from person to person.

However, menopause is a period in life that we all go through.

At Australian Bodycare, we have several products that help alleviate some of the skin problems that typically occur as a result of menopause. You'll find products to minimise dry mouth, care for your hair and scalp if you experience hair loss or thinning, as well as daily intimate care for dryness and unwanted odour.

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Effective and Gentle Emergency Treatment

The secret behind smooth skin is found in the beautiful nature of Australia. For generations, the knowledge and usage of tea tree oil have been passed down in Aboriginal culture. Australian Bodycare has developed a series of products with the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil functioning as the primary active ingredient. All products share the ability to prevent and heal various skin issues.Due to the mild formulas, the products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all members of the family. We develop all of our own products using top‑shelf ingredients. They have been selected for their powerful effect with no compromise made to the safety of your skin. Our goal is to help people to healthier skin. For that reason, we are constantly working on providing you with good advice for your daily skin care routines. Welcome. We look forward to assisting you.

Healing Ground

The story of healing tea trees dates back thousands of years and it originates from the Aboriginal people of Australia. Their legends describe lakes surrounded by tea trees. Falling leaves and twigs from the tea trees leached their essential oils into the water and turned the lakes into antiseptic baths. The local Aborigines used these natural, healing spas to treat a number of conditions, such as skin infection, burns, cuts and insect bites.

They named the land with tea trees “Healing Ground”.

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