Tea Tree Oil – a 100% pure natural product for skin problems

Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare
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The nurturing properties of 100% pure natural Australian Tea Tree Oil can be used for many different skin problems.

100% pure natural Tea Tree Oil originates from Australia and is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tea tree. Only this pure oil from Australia has just the right combination of the 150 ingredients to make it truly skin friendly. And it is only this ultra-pure natural Australian oil that is used in all Australian Bodycare products.

You can buy Tea Tree Oil in its pure form - 100% concentrate - from Australian Bodycare and dilute the product yourself before using it on skin, hair and nails.

Why is Tea Tree Oil so effective at treating skin problems?

There may be several reasons why you experience skin problems. Often, these problems are caused by bacteria. It is now a well-known secret that Tea Tree Oil counteracts bacteria, and that is why the oil is good for lots of different skin problems.

Australian Bodycare 100% pure Tea Tree Oil has a healing effect on the skin due to the concentrated formula, but at the same time it is skin-friendly and works on a huge variety of problems from itching to mosquito bites.

Tea Tree Oil helps restore the skin's normal bacterial flora, and with continuous use it will act as a natural preventive.

How to use Tea Tree Oil to treat your skin problems

Our 100% pure Tea Tree Oil has many uses. The oil counteracts bacteria and is skin friendly so can be used for many different skin issues. There are several ways to use Tea Tree Oil. Below we guide you through 3 of the most popular:

1. Add the 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil to a high quality vegetable oil

All products from Australian Bodycare contain just the right amount of Tea Tree Oil to ensure the antiseptic benefits of the active ingredient.

You can also experience the healing effect of the oil by adding a few drops of the pure oil to a vegetable oil of food quality. Try adding the pure Tea Tree Oil to a high quality almond oil and massage in to the skin of your body. You will benefit from both Tea Tree Oil, which is known to counteract bacteria, and the almond oil which has great moisturizing properties.

2. Apply with a cotton swab on spots or insect bites

You can gently dab a single spot, a mosquito or insect bite with the oil. Use a cotton swab and pat gently directly on the area.

Because Tea Tree Oil counteracts bacteria, it acts as to both soothe and nourish skin irritated by bites, stings and pimples.

Please note that Tea Tree Oil should be diluted if you wish to apply it to a larger area of skin such as a break out of spots or rash. You can find the package leaflet with mixing conditions on the oil here.

3. Take a refreshing bath with Tea Tree Oil

By adding a few drops of 100% pure Tea Tree Oil to your tub or foot bath, you will immediately experience the fresh sensation and scent. As you soak in the bath you will feel the deep-cleaning effect of the oil on your skin and on any problem areas.

You can buy the 100% pure and concentrated Tea Tree Oil in 10 ml. or 30 ml. bottle.

Keep in mind that all our problem-solving skin care products contain 100% pure Tea Tree Oil. If you're looking for a cream, shampoo or something else that already contains the right amount of Tea Tree Oil to help with your particular skin problem, please take a closer look at our other product categories.

Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare
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