Anne Thestrup Meimbresse

Varde apotekAnne Thestrup Meimbresse

MSc in PharmacyPharmacist at Varde Pharmacy

I took a master’s degree in pharmaceutics at the University of Southern Denmark in 2017, and have worked as a pharmacist ever since.

As a pharmacist I am a medicament expert, and with a scientific background in medicine and its application I am technically well dressed.

I work at the Varde pharmacy, where my main purpose is to advise our costumers about the correct use of medication.

As a person I have always been very caring, which is also the reason that I for several years have worked as a voluntary first-aider for the Red Cross. I have participated at various large events, such as concerts, festivals, sport events etc., where I was ready to provide first aid.

It is very rewarding for me, both personally and professionally, to help people in need. It is my drive, that takes part in keeping me curious about my profession, which constantly is developing.

I know Australian Bodycare’s high quality products, which we sell at the pharmacy. Therefore, I am willing to validate the texts and guides about problem-solving products and related topics that you can read on this website.

You can read more about me on my professional profile on LinkedIn.