Serum for Face Care

Serum for Face Care from Australian Bodycare Serum for Face Care from Australian Bodycare
  • Face serum

    3x hyaluronic acid serum for a glowy, smooth skin

    3x30 ml hyaluronic acid serum for daily, intens...

  • Face serum

    Hyaluronic Acid booster set for a smooth and glowing skin

    Daily cleansing products for dry skin with wrin...

  • Face serum

    Set for itchy and very dry skin on the face

    3 gentle and moisturizing skin care products fo...

  • Face serum

    Anti aging serum for wrinkles and mature skin (50+)

    Slow-aging Serum (30 ml) reduces the visibility...

  • Face serum

    Squalane & Vitamine E Moisturizing Serum for dry skin

    30 ml. Squalane Serum with Tea Tree Oil for ver...

  • Award Winner 🏆
    Face care

    Complete skin care set against spots and congested skin

    Do you suffer from oily and blemished skin? Spo...

  • Face serum

    Peeling Serum with AHA's for gentle skin exfoliation

    30 ml Peeling Serum for a gentle exfoliation of...

  • Face serum

    Panthenol serum for red & dry skin

    Panthenol Serum (30 ml) soothes and moisturises...

  • Face serum

    Hyaluronic acid serum for skin glow and against fine lines

    Face Serum (30 ml) for daily and intensive care...

  • Face serum

    Pre–aging face serum to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

    Pre-aging Serum (30 ml) prevents and minimizes ...

  • Face serum

    Aloe vera, anti aging & hydrating serum with Vitamin C,E,F

    30 ml. Aloe Vera Serum for the daily care of dr...

  • Award Winner 🏆
    Face serum

    Niacinamide serum for spots and congested skin

    Blemish Serum (30 ml) for daily care of pimples...


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Serum is skin care in a very concentrated form. The Face Serum is made from active and nourishing ingredients that take good care of your skin. Serum has a more liquid consistency than you are used to from your day and night cream. This enables serum to penetrate even deeper into the skin.

A good moisturizing cream ensures that the skin is kept protected all day and night. Face Cream from Australian Bodycare protects the surface of the skin, while serum penetrates deeper into the skin and restores the healthy balance and glow of the skin.

Face Serum with Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic acid, and vitamin B5 moisturizes the skin and reduces fine lines, and we therefore recommend it especially for mature and dry skin.

The Blemish Serum can be used by all skin types. However, for a mature skin with fine lines, we recommend Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. The Hyaluronic Acid retains the moisture in the skin, so fine lines are reduced, and the skin achieves a nice and healthy glow.

Serum for Face Care from Australian Bodycare
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