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Hand Cream from Australian Bodycare Hand Cream from Australian Bodycare
  • Hand care

    Tea Tree Hand cream for red and dry hands

    Are your hands dry and cracked? Hand Cream nour...

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  • Hand care

    Liquid hand soap for dry hands with Tea Tree Oil

    Do you need a moisturising and effective liquid...

  • Astion Håndcreme - Creme mod håndeksem (30g)
    Hand care

    Astion Håndcreme

    Har du problemer med håndeksem? Så ved du bedre...

  • Astion Håndcreme - til daglig pleje af tør og skadet hud ved eksem
    Hand care

    Astion Håndcreme

    Håndcreme til voksne og børn. Håndcremen er spe...

  • Gym Calluses on Hand: The Ultimate Care Pack for Active Hands - Natural Care for Active Hands
    Save 14%
    Hand care

    Gym Calluses on Hand: The Ultimate Care Pack for Active Hands

    Hitting the gym is fab for your fitness but can...

  • 3x Lemon Hand Cream for Dry Hands - Daily Treatment for Dry, Cracked, and Itchy Skin on Hands
    Hand care

    3x Lemon Hand Cream for Dry Hands

    Do you suffer from dry hands? Hand Cream (3x100...

  • Hand care

    Kit against itchy hands with dry skin, and sore hands

    2 products for daily care of dry and chapped ha...


Looking for a good and effective hand wash? And do you need help getting your dry hands back to normal? Is the skin on your hands so dry that it cracks and painful?

Here we offer some advice on which products to choose to help treat dry, rough and chapped skin on your hands.

Dry skin on your hands?

If you have dry and cracked skin on your hands, it is often accompanied by redness, itching and irritation. It is unpleasant, but with the right care, you can get healthy, moisturised and supple hands back.

Whether the dry, rough and chapped skin is due to frequent hand washing and sanitising, the cold winter months or something else, there is help available. We'll advise you on which hand wash and cream to choose for dry hands and fingers.

3 products for dry hands

1) Hand Wash - hand soap for frequent hand washing

It is important to use a hand soap every time you wash your hands. Liquid hand soap from Australian Bodycare contains Tea Tree Oil that counteracts bacteria. So you can be confident that you are washing away both bacteria and dirt every time you wash your hands.

It is especially important to remove unwanted bacteria particularly if your skin is so dry that it cracks and cracks. By using the hand wash you the bacteria are not able to build up in the cracks and prevent the cracks from healing.

2) Hand Cream

If you have dry skin on your hands, you should take extra care of them after hand washing. You can prevent dry hands by using a good hand cream after hand washing and in between during the day.

Water and soap can dry out the skin. Frequent hand washing and hand alcohol sanitisers are some of the major culprits that cause dry hands and fingers.

The active ingredient, Shea Butter in our Hand Cream adds moisture and softens the skin to keep your skin moisturised and supple for a long time.

3) Body Cream

If your skin is very dry and needs extra help, you can use Body Cream from Australian Bodycare. The cream is wonderful for very dry, cracked, rough and damaged skin on the body and hands.

The other major active ingredient, Tea Tree Oil counteracts bacteria on the skin, which is particularly important if your skin is so dry that it cracks. The bacteria can get into the cracks and can prevent the crack from closing up. Witch hazel closes the pores in the skin so that it does not dry out any further, while the ingredient Allantoin relieves and soothes irritation and damaged skin.

Hand Cream from Australian Bodycare
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