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Whether you're a full-on makeup lover or you prefer the natural look, there are plenty of makeup products that can help you achieve beautiful, smooth and even skin.

Australian Bodycare has developed problem-solving skincare products to help you prepare your skin for makeup. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about makeup to get you started, and introduce products that can help you in your quest to achieve beautiful, smooth skin with makeup.

How to apply makeup?

There are a myriad of makeup products, accessories and techniques that can help you achieve beautiful, smooth and even skin on your face, neck and chest.

The most important starting point for applying a nice and even makeup is a good base - healthy facial skin that is moisturised. By cleansing daily and moisturising your facial skin, you create the best conditions for achieving a beautiful and long-lasting makeup.

If your skin has imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines, pimples and blemishes, or if you're prone to oily skin, luckily you can find help in the problem-solving skincare range from Australian Bodycare. Explore our face care products that target different skin concerns.

Daily cleansing of the skin is essential to achieve a beautiful and even makeup look. It's also important to be thorough in removing makeup and dirt in the evening before you go to bed so that your skin has time to regenerate during the night.

How do I make sure my makeup lasts all day?

There are lots of different makeup products on the market and you can find makeup for almost any purpose to enhance the appearance of your skin, emphasise or conceal specific features.

There are makeup formulated specifically for oily skin, mature skin, dry skin, combination skin - and everything in between.

To ensure the best base - and thus the best results with your makeup - it is always a good idea to use a makeup primer. A makeup primer based on Tea Tree Oil keeps your skin protected and well cared for throughout the day under your makeup. It also ensures that the makeup stays where it should and lasts longer.

Makeup primer from Australian Bodycare can be used for very dry skin, as it moisturises and protects, as well as oily and uneven skin, as it forms a smoothing layer on the skin so that excess sebum does not ruin your makeup during the day. As makeup primer has a smoothing effect, it is also suitable for mature skin with wrinkles and signs of ageing, making it easier to work with when applying your makeup.

Can I cover blemishes with makeup?

Yes, makeup is brilliant for covering pimples, blackheads, redness or other skin imperfections. A concealer is especially good for covering minor blemishes, dark circles or other skin imperfections when applying makeup.

Concealer with Tea Tree Oil is particularly good because - in addition to covering your pimple - it also works to ensure healthy, clear skin so that your blemishes heal faster. Concealer comes in 3 shades, so you can find the colour that best matches you and your skin tone.

Makeup Products from Australian Bodycare
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