Products with Tea Tree Oil

This is where you can buy products with Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare

Are you looking for products containing natural Tea Tree Oil? Then you have come to the right place.

All products from Australian Bodycare are based on the natural ingredient from Australia. Tea Tree Oil is known for fighting bacteria and keeping skin healthy. That is why the oil is an important ingredient in our problem-solving body care.

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Skin problems, spots or dryness and itching?

Australian Bodycare has products specially developed to solve your skin problem.

Whether you are struggling with spots and blackheads on your face, skin problems on your back or a dry and itching scalp, you will find products in our range to help you.

Based on more than thirty years’ experience, we develop products that keep your skin in a healthy natural balance.
We only use top quality Tea Tree Oil that comes from Australia.

Why we use Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is the star in all our products. It came originally from Australia, where the Aboriginal Australians discovered its excellent properties more than a thousand years ago.

The tea trees grew around lakes, and when the leaves fell into the water, the oil transformed the lakes into antiseptic baths. The Aboriginal Australians discovered that their wounds, scratches and skin problems healed when they bathed in the lakes.

Tea Tree Oil is therefore added to all our products. You can benefit from the same problem-solving effect as the Aboriginal Australians with products form Australian Bodycare.

How to use products with Tea Tree Oil

It is easy to use products with Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare. We have developed series of products specifically for common skin problems that many people suffer from.

Among other things you will find hair and scalp products for dry scalp and dandruff or hair loss, face products for spots and skin problems, foot cream for cracked heels, and products for oral care. We also make products for intimate hair removal, and for itching, dryness and unpleasant smells in the intimate area.

Our products can be used for daily skin care – and also against fungal infections, acne and the like.

All our products are dermatologically tested and assessed to be skin-friendly. Products with Tea Tree Oil can help most people to deal with their skin problems.

Below you can explore our range yourself – you are sure to find a product that can help you.