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Australian bodycare's products are all:

  • Infused with the 100% natural ingredient Tea Tree Oil, which is of high pharmaceutical quality
  • Safety assessed by experts at an independent laboratory
  • Dermatologically tested and rated skin-friendly

Tea Tree Oil – a pure, natural product

The pure Tea Tree Oil that is added to all our products comes from Australia. The original Tea Tree Oil comes from the tea tree, Melaleuca Alternifolia, which grows in the south-eastern part of Australia, where the climate is unique.

Today, tea trees are also grown in other parts of the world, but the original oil with the best documented quality comes from the trees in Australia. Australian Bodycare therefore only uses Tea Tree Oil from Australia, which is skin-friendly and of high quality.

We have high standards for the oil we use in our products. We have specific specifications that we require the pure Tea Tree Oil we use to fulfil 100%.

That's why we get detailed information from our supplier on every single shipment of oil we receive, so we can ensure that the oil meets our high standards. To be 100% sure of the quality of the oil, we also have it analysed in a laboratory before adding it to our problem-solving skincare.

The pure and natural Tea Tree Oil contains the fragrances Limonene, Linalool and Geraniol, which occur naturally in the oil.

You can read more about Tea Tree Oil, its origin and its beneficial properties in the article here.

High quality from Australia

We only use Tea Tree Oil from Australia. The tea tree from which the oil is extracted is also grown in other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa. However, at Australian Bodycare we only use oil extracted from the tea trees that grow in Australia, as we can be sure of the high pharmaceutical quality that makes Tea Tree Oil suitable for use in problem-solving skincare.

It is only in the unique and humid climate in the south-eastern part of Australia that tea trees have the optimal growing conditions. That's why we only use Tea Tree Oil from this part of Australia in our products.

Tea Tree Oil is the star of all our products, which is why we don't compromise on quality. We test the oil ourselves when we receive it to ensure that it lives up to our high standards.

If you want to know more about Tea Tree Oil and its origins in Australia, you can read more here.

The amount of Tea Tree Oil in our product

We add the exact amount of Tea Tree Oil needed to ensure the anti-bacterial and skin-friendly effect in the products. Tea Tree Oil is such an effective natural product that even a small amount makes a big difference.

The content of Tea Tree Oil varies from product to product. The products contain up to 2% pure and natural Tea Tree Oil, which ensures the products' effectiveness on the individual skin problem.

Safe products

It is a legal requirement that all cosmetic products must undergo a safety assessment before they can be placed on the market. The person who assesses the safety of the products and signs the report must have an academic degree in toxicology, medicine or similar.

The safety assessment includes a toxicological assessment of each ingredient, skin absorption, microbiological quality, etc.

We work with the consultancy Mediator when our products undergo safety assessments to ensure that all regulations and requirements are met. Our safety assessments and tests are carried out at independent laboratories, such as Charles River in France.

This means that all products are thoroughly analysed and assessed as safe for human health before they are released on the market.

We also perform a dermatological test on all products to guarantee that they are skin-friendly and can be used by all skin types - even sensitive skin.

Skin-friendly products for all skin types

You can rest assured that our products are skin-friendly. Australian Bodycare products are classified as skin-friendly in the independent dermatological test that all products undergo before they are released to the market.

The dermatological test examines the skin's tolerance to a cosmetic product and is conducted by trained dermatologists at an independent testing centre. Among others, we have had dermatological testing performed at the Hamilton International laboratory.

50 test subjects of different ages, genders and skin types (including 25 people with dry, atopic and sensitive skin) have a sample of the product placed on their skin, which is then covered with a patch for 48 hours. If the skin does not react, the product can be classified as skin-friendly.

All Australian Bodycare products have undergone dermatological testing and all are classified as skin-friendly. Also for people with sensitive skin.

Our registered complaints also clearly show that our products are suitable for all skin types. We register all complaints we receive and the complaint rate is very low. Very few of the complaints are related to skin irritation.

Skin irritation is not necessarily due to a negative reaction to the fragrances Limonene, Linalool or Geraniol, which occur naturally in Tea Tree Oil, but can also be caused by hypersensitivity to the product's other ingredients.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to dive into the tests and analyses we've had done on our products, you'll find links to them here. They are quite technical, so you will also find a link to the conclusion if you are only interested in reading it.

You are always welcome to contact us at We're happy to answer your questions if you have any doubts. We answer customer enquiries all weekdays, so you'll hear from us quickly.

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