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Pressure ulcers and bed sores - commonly known as pressure ulcers - are a condition that needs to be taken seriously and prevented. People who are unable to turn themselves are at risk of bedsores after staying hours in the same position. The area around the hips is particularly at risk, where the pressure on tissues and skin is greatest. Pressure ulcers occur when the tissue does not get enough blood supply due to pressure. Then the tissue dies and the ulcer develops. Once the damage is done, it is too late.

Bed sores

Prevention is the best treatment. It is important to turn patients who are bedridden and wheelchair users should be lifted several times an hour. Foam and water mattresses and pillows are also a good idea.

Here you will find Australian Bodycare products that are particularly suitable for daily skin care. In this context, it is important to emphasise that Australian Bodycare products are not medicines, but cosmetic products. Read more here.

Good skin care with Rescue Cream

It is also important to maintain good hygiene to avoid infections. The skin should be washed frequently and thoroughly, followed by the application of an anti-bedsore cream. Moist skin is very prone to bacterial infestation and a bed sore cream can help. Our Rescue Cream barrier cream is suitable for areas where skin is easily moisturised. The cream contains lactic acid esters that keep the skin clean and dry.

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    Discover the secret to radiant skin, Tea Tree Oil from Australia's rich flora, a treasure passed down by aboriginals. Sourced from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, our products boast the purest, pharmaceutical-grade Tea Tree Oil.

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    Harness the might of Tea Tree Oil for immaculate skin and hair. Celebrated for its unparalleled antibacterial and antifungal prowess, it balances the skin's bacterial flora. Every Australian Bodycare product is infused with the right concentration of Pure Tea Tree Oil for optimum results.

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    Embrace daily care with Tea Tree Oil to combat skin issues and promote healthy skin. Engineered to curb unwanted bacterial and fungal growth, our dermatologically-tested formulations prioritize potent results without compromising skin safety.

Effective and Gentle Emergency Treatment

The secret behind smooth skin is found in the beautiful nature of Australia. For generations, the knowledge and usage of tea tree oil have been passed down in Aboriginal culture. Australian Bodycare has developed a series of products with the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil functioning as the primary active ingredient. All products share the ability to prevent and heal various skin issues.Due to the mild formulas, the products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all members of the family. We develop all of our own products using top‑shelf ingredients. They have been selected for their powerful effect with no compromise made to the safety of your skin. Our goal is to help people to healthier skin. For that reason, we are constantly working on providing you with good advice for your daily skin care routines. Welcome. We look forward to assisting you.

Healing Ground

The story of healing tea trees dates back thousands of years and it originates from the Aboriginal people of Australia. Their legends describe lakes surrounded by tea trees. Falling leaves and twigs from the tea trees leached their essential oils into the water and turned the lakes into antiseptic baths. The local Aborigines used these natural, healing spas to treat a number of conditions, such as skin infection, burns, cuts and insect bites.

They named the land with tea trees “Healing Ground”.

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