Editorial guidelines

Editorial guidelines

When you read and watch videos on australian-bodycare.com, we want to make sure you can trust our content. That's why we focus on credibility.

All content, texts and videos are created based on the editorial guidelines that we describe on this page.

At australian-bodycare.com, we aim to provide as thorough, comprehensive and credible information on topics related to our products as possible. We do this so that our readers can trust our information, advice and guidance and have full confidence in both us and the writers and subject matter experts who develop our content.

Our guidelines describe the process behind the development and selection of the content we publish here at australian-bodycare. It is also intended to demonstrate how thoroughly we review, assess and evaluate our content before it is published on the site.

If you have a health issue that has led you to our website, we always recommend that you consult your own doctor for appropriate help. Australian Bodycare products are not medicines, but are specifically suitable for the necessary daily care of skin problems.

At australian-bodycare we can only provide you with informative guidance and input on topics related to our products.

Our guidelines fulfil the requirements for online media in the field of medicine and health - as described in the so-called HON Code. This is a code of conduct developed by the advocacy organisation Health on the Net specifically for online health media such as australian-bodycare.

The HON Code addresses these points:

Authority - the content is written and edited by writers with a qualified healthcare qualification, otherwise it will clearly state that the content has been developed by someone without a healthcare qualification.

Supplement - the content on our website should be seen as a supplement of information and guidance that cannot replace contact with a doctor or other healthcare professional prior to treatment for a specific condition.

Confidentiality - if you provide personal data in forms or emails, we will treat this information confidentially. We do not share your personal data, email address or other contact details with third parties.

Sources - we work hard to provide a full list of sources for all articles, and we show you where you can find more detailed information on other medical and healthcare websites that have the same high quality standards as we do for our content.

Substantiation - all claims, benefits and stated effects of a specific product must be substantiated by scientific studies or relevant references.

Transparency - all information about the publisher must be clearly stated on our website and in our editorial guidelines.

Financial interests - the publisher's interest in and potential financial gain from publishing the content on the website must be clearly stated on the website.

Advertising policy - it must be clear to you as a visitor what is advertised on the website.

All articles and other content on australian-bodycare.com have been developed or reviewed by persons with the necessary healthcare education and knowledge. Where content is provided by a journalistically trained resource, it is based on knowledge from competent sources or research on relevant websites, and the content is reviewed by persons with relevant training prior to publication.

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