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Aluminum free deodorant without perfume

Do you experience odour and sweat problems during the day? Is it especially bad on days when you're physically active? You've probably already tried different antiperspirant products in the past - but now you're looking for a deodorant without aluminum?
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Table of contents

Deodorant without aluminum and perfume

Deodorants without aluminum have become popular amongst many. This is due to a number of different benefits that you only get with a deodorant without aluminum.

A few years ago investigations started on the effects of aluminum, ever since then, aluminum free products have gained popularity.

In this guide, you'll learn why aluminum free deodorants have become so popular in recent years. You can read about the effects of aluminum, the pros and cons, reasons to consider a deodorant without aluminum as your next deodorant and much more.

We dive deep into the topic and guide you through the deodorant selection process to make sure you get a deodorant that meets your needs.

We start by taking a closer look at the substance aluminum and why it can be harmful when it is put in deodorants and sold to us consumers.

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Aluminum in deodorant

A Norwegian study showed that we absorb a lot of aluminum in our bodies through the use of deodorants.

In addition, a team of researchers conducted another study testing aluminum containing products on rats and mice. The results were striking and quite worrying, as it turned out that too much aluminum in the body can lead to central nervous system damage.

Aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirant products in general suddenly became a hot topic of debate. More and more consumers began to pull the manufacturing companies in a different direction, and over the past few years, more and more good deodorants without aluminum have appeared on the market.

Unfortunately, aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants is still very common. It is the aluminum salts in antiperspirant deodorants that counteract sweat production and thus help us to stay sweat- and odour free throughout the day.

Unfortunately, there is a health risk associated with too much aluminum in the body, as it can lead to damage to our central nervous system.

Since we already consume a lot of aluminum from our food and drinks, we don't need more of the substance from, for example, antiperspirants.

Aluminum in deodorant should therefore be avoided as much as possible, and nowadays you can easily find a deodorant without aluminum that still works to inhibit perspiration odour throughout the day. These products use other natural ingredients instead of aluminum.

Later in this guide, we'll tell you about effective deodorants without aluminum and where you can find them.

Aluminum free deodorants and roll-ons can be used directly after underarm shaving. Normally, you should avoid applying deodorant directly after shaving, as the skin is more exposed to the absorption of the substances in the deodorant.

This is a major problem if you use an antiperspirant with aluminum.

Aliminium free deodorants that work

When looking for a deodorant without aluminum that works, it's important to look at what other ingredients a deodorant also contains. It's relatively easy to find a deodorant without aluminum nowadays, but there are still big differences between the individual products on the market when it comes to other additives and chemicals.

If you suffer from allergies, you should also be aware of this and look at the product label to make sure you're getting a deodorant without aluminum that works without activating your allergy.

Of course, to find a good and effective aluminum free deodorant that works, you'll need other ingredients to ensure the desired effect. A good alternative is, for example, lactic acid esters, which penetrate the skin and counteract the bacteria that cause odours and problems with sweat production.

Check-list for the perfect deodorant:

  • Roll-on deodorant without parabens, perfume or aluminum.
  • Contains lactic acid esters to counteract odours.
  • Based on natural ingredients, so it works effectively and lasts all day despite physical activity.
  • The deodorant has a soothing effect that reduces irritation, making it ideal after hair removal or shaving.
  • It also protects the delicate skin under the arms, where odour and. perspiration are common and where deodorant is used.
Intim care

Intimate deodorant against unwanted genital and vaginal smell

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Deodorant for women

If you're looking for a deodorant for women that is also gentle on the skin, a deodorant without aluminum is a great option. There are many fragrance-free deodorants that will keep you odour-free throughout the day.

If you want a feminine scent, choosing a fragrance-free deodorant can be a bit tricky. In this case, just be aware that perfumed antiperspirants can contain harmful substances that can irritate the skin and, in the worst case scenario, lead to allergies or other conditions.

So, if you want to be on the safe side and reduce sweat and odour, choose a deodorant without aluminum and fragrance.

Deodorant for men

If, on the other hand, you're looking for a deodorant that men can use to get rid of sweat odour, you should also consider a deodorant without aluminum.

Again, an aluminum free deodorant ensures that you don't risk damage to your central nervous system due to excessive aluminum absorption in the body.

If you need a deodorant for men that keeps sweat and odour away all day, you can try an aluminum free deodorant. Choose a roll-on that is easy to apply after both shaving and showering and that has a soothing effect on the freshly shaved and delicate skin under the arms.

A deodorant for men can easily keep sweat and odour away while providing a fresh breath throughout the day, without the need for perfume.

Aluminum free deodorant

There are many good reasons to choose a deodorant without aluminum, and the biggest and primary benefit is clearly that you reduce the risk of excessive aluminum absorption in your body. Since too much aluminum can risk damaging your central nervous system, you should do what you can to reduce your intake.

An aluminum free deodorant is a good step in this direction, as you are already consuming aluminum through your daily diet because aluminum is found in the soil.

The aluminum salts in antiperspirants with aluminum have a sweat-reducing effect and also combat odour. A deodorant without aluminum can easily keep you odour-free while avoiding the risk of damaging your central nervous system.

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Intimate deodorant against unwanted genital and vaginal smell

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Roll on deodorant without aluminum

It's a good idea to choose a roll-on deodorant without aluminum over a spray. This is because spray deodorants contain unnecessary and harmful substances that you might as well avoid.

With a roll-on without aluminum or a deodorant stick, you avoid these unnecessary substances and achieve the same effective result. A good aluminum free roll-on keeps you odour-free throughout the day.

A good roll on without aluminum is also suitable for athletes and people who exercise a lot in general. Even after an hour at the gym or a hectic football match, the deodorant will keep odour and sweat under control.

Deo without aluminum and perfume

Most aluminum free deodorants contain perfume. However, you should choose a deodorant without aluminum and fragrance.

Of course, if you suffer from allergies, you should choose a deodorant without aluminum and fragrance from the start. But even if you haven't experienced allergic reactions yet, you might as well consider a fragrance-free deodorant to avoid the risk of developing allergies later on.

And as the focus on aluminum free deodorants has grown, so has the range of products available. This means you can easily get hold of a deodorant without aluminum and perfume that can still ensure a fresh and fragrant everyday life.

Deodorant test

Many researchers and consumer studies have shown that deodorants containing aluminum can be harmful to the central nervous system if we absorb too much of it in the body over a long period of time.

As a result of this deodorant test, the demand for aluminum free alternatives has grown steadily over the past few years, and the trend is continuing in the same direction.

Therefore, with respect for consumers' needs and health, several manufacturers are now offering variants that fulfil the requirements. This ensures that deodorants without aluminum, fragrance and parabens are easily and readily available to consumers, ensuring a healthier body and avoiding allergic reactions.

The best deodorant

There are a lot of deodorants on the market, and many of the big brands compete for consumer favour on a daily basis.

But what makes a good deodorant? Well, that depends entirely on your deodorant needs. At Australian Bodycare, we focus on products with natural ingredients that don't harm the body, but still perform the desired tasks for the person in question.

That's why we recommend choosing a deodorant without aluminum, parabens or fragrance.

A deodorant free from perfume, parabens and aluminum keeps sweat and odour away without the use of harmful chemicals and other substances.

You avoid aluminum and the risk of damaging your central nervous system. A deodorant that contains lactic acid esters instead of aluminum salts effectively combats unwanted sweat odour. The aluminum free deodorant will continue to fight the bacteria that cause odour.

In addition, you should be aware that the skin is extra sensitive and absorbent to aluminum and other harmful substances when you have just shaved your underarms or have cuts and scrapes. The best deodorant is therefore also a deodorant that doesn't create these risks and can be applied directly after shaving or scraping underarms.

You can also choose a deodorant that contains anti-irritant ingredients, such as Tasmanian pepper. Such a deodorant can be downright pleasant and helpful after shaving your underarms. It's also a great deodorant for dry skin.

Intim care

Intimate deodorant against unwanted genital and vaginal smell

+16.000 reviews

100 ml bottle with refreshing and cooling Intim...


Underarm sweat

Underarm sweat odour is a major problem for many teenagers and adults alike. We've all experienced that annoying feeling of having washed and used deodorant frequently - maybe even almost daily - and yet underarm sweat odour still develops.

It's really annoying and irritating, and it can be a major inconvenience for many of us. If you also suffer from underarm odour despite washing thoroughly or even using deodorant frequently, it could actually be caused by the deodorant itself.

According to a study by researchers from Ghent University in Belgium, it turns out that the vast majority of antiperspirant deodorants can worsen underarm odour problems.

This is because the deodorants contain aluminum, which itself fights sweat effectively by blocking it from escaping. The problem then arises because the bad bacteria we all have under our arms grow more because they don't dissolve and get rid of along with the sweat.

And it's these bacteria that can make your odour worse, leading to more underarm sweat odour. So, all in all, you should avoid antiperspirant deodorants that contain aluminum because they can actually exacerbate the problem of sweat and odour - in addition to the increased risk of damage to the central nervous system due to excessive aluminum absorption.

If you're serious about tackling underarm sweat, consider switching to a deodorant without aluminum. You can start by using the new deodorant for a period of time to see how it affects your odour and sweat production.

Choose a roll-on deodorant that contains lactic acid ester instead of aluminum, which doesn't block sweat but reduces underarm bacteria. This ensures an odour-free everyday life without unnecessarily harming your body with questionable substances.

Unwanted odour under the arms

If you smell under your arms and don't necessarily suffer from excessive sweat production, it could be because the antiperspirants you're using aren't actually having the desired effect, but are actually making the problem worse.

As we mentioned above, this could be because the antiperspirants penetrate the skin and block the sweat but not the odour. Therefore, you still smell under your arms because the bacteria and skin thrush under your arms start to overgrow and cause even more odour.

So, if you have underarm odour, make sure you use a deodorant that provides a fresh scent instead and also fights the underarm bacteria that causes the odour in the first place.

aluminum allergy

In rare cases, aluminum allergy can occur as a result of increased aluminum intake. However, there is no empirical evidence that the natural aluminum we absorb through our daily food intake can cause symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is a risk of developing aluminum allergy as a result of aluminum-containing vaccines. This most commonly affects children, but adults can also be at risk - so if you're worried about this, talk to your doctor before getting vaccinated or having your child vaccinated.

Aluminum is used in some vaccines because it helps the vaccine work effectively by stimulating the immune system more. However, as mentioned, it can result in an allergic reaction, most commonly seen as a lump in the subcutaneous tissue at the site of the vaccination.

If you suffer from aluminum allergy, you should avoid deodorants that contain aluminum. And unfortunately, this substance is found in the vast majority of antiperspirants, as the aluminum salts help to effectively block sweat. But since it's also harmful, a number of products have been developed that are aluminum free.

If you have an aluminum allergy or simply want to avoid the absorption of aluminum in your body through deodorants, you can use a deodorant without aluminum instead.

Dangerous substances

If you're worried that your deodorant contains hazardous substances that harm your skin or body, you're certainly not alone.

As more and more studies have come to light, it has become apparent that a relatively large proportion of the cosmetics and deodorant market contains products with harmful and hazardous substances. This has resulted in many more people becoming much more aware of the dangerous substances, giving manufacturers the opportunity and incentive to develop and offer safe alternatives.

In 2015, the Danish Consumer Council Think published a major study of 115 of the most popular deodorants on the market. And it turned out that no less than one in four products contained harmful substances.

In other words, 25% of the market contained dangerous substances that were either allergenic, endocrine disrupting or otherwise harmful to the body.

In particular, aluminum and triclosan are among the major culprits, as they can negatively affect the body's natural balance. Triclosan can be an endocrine disruptor, and aluminum poses a risk of damage to the central nervous system.

The endocrine disruptors in deodorants can contribute to reduced sperm quality in men and premature puberty in women.

Therefore, always make sure to read the label of your chosen deodorant before you buy - this way you can make sure that the ingredients and substances in the deodorant in question are neither dangerous nor harmful.

If you are unsure about what the individual ingredients and substances are and whether they are hazardous, you can look for more detailed information about the individual substances to find out what they are.


Is aluminum chloride dangerous?

Aluminum chloride is also known as aluminum, aluminum chloride and aluminum salts. aluminum chloride is the substance that inhibits underarm sweat production when using an antiperspirant that contains aluminum.

You may have wondered 'Is aluminum chloride dangerous?' and the short answer to this question is: It can be dangerous if absorbed in excessive amounts in the body.

Aluminum, and therefore aluminum chloride, is found in the soil and we absorb it into our bodies daily through our food and drinks. This is completely natural and fairly unavoidable.

However, we shouldn't consume too much aluminum, as it can be dangerous and, according to studies, can cause damage to the central nervous system. You should therefore make sure you don't absorb too much aluminum chloride, and one of the biggest culprits when it comes to increased absorption of the substance is using deodorant with aluminum on open skin.

Open skin is the term for the condition of your underarm skin when you have just shaved, for example. Here, the absorption of aluminum and other substances is higher and therefore more dangerous to the body.

So, all in all: Aluminum chloride is dangerous if you absorb too much in your body - consider switching to a deodorant without aluminum and thus without aluminum chloride.

Which aluminum free deodorant should you choose?

Which deodorant is aluminum free and how do you make sure this is the case? In short, you can always look at the product label to check what ingredients and substances the deodorant in question contains.

If you want an aluminum free deodorant, make sure the label doesn't say anything about aluminum or aluminum chloride.

Instead, look for a deodorant with lactic acid esters, which also effectively fights sweat and odour.

We recommend that you visit the pharmacy for advice and guidance on which aluminum free deodorant to choose.

Why is there aluminum in deodorants?

The answer to the question 'Why is there aluminum in deodorant' is quite simple. It's simply because the substance aluminum chloride penetrates the skin and closes off the glands and pores that would otherwise allow sweat to escape.

This results in you sweating less during the day - the so-called antiperspirant effect that most of us would like to achieve.

Aluminum is a well-known substance, which is why it is used in many deodorants. However, in recent years there have been doubts about the possible side effects of excessive aluminum intake.

If you are worried about absorbing too much aluminum in your body and risk damaging your central nervous system, you can start using a deodorant without aluminum.

Is aluminum in deodorants dangerous?

As we touched on in the sections above, aluminum in deodorant is dangerous if you absorb too much of the substance in your body.

Since our food also naturally contains aluminum chloride from the soil, we already absorb a lot of aluminum that way.

And even though it takes a lot to absorb too much aluminum - at least according to most research - the risk is still there. So consider not using deodorant at all, or switch to a deodorant without aluminum instead.

What is the best deodorant?

Which deodorant is best and why? The answer to this question is inherently in the eye of the beholder. It largely depends on what your situation, needs and desires for a deodorant are.

If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to potentially harmful substances in your deodorant, you should use a deodorant without aluminum, parabens and fragrance.

There are quite a few of these deodorants on the market today, and you can easily find a deodorant that doesn't necessarily make you smell like roses all day, but gives you a fresh and neutral scent throughout the day.

When should you use deodorant?

When to start using deodorant depends on your needs. Since most people first experience sweat and odour problems during puberty, there is no reason to start using deodorant before this stage.

You should use your deodorant on dry skin, not when you've just stepped out of the shower. Some deodorants should also not be used on skin when you have just shaved. This is because the skin is much more susceptible to the harmful substances in the deodorant at this time.

However, if you use a harmless deodorant without aluminum and perfume, you can use it directly after hair removal and shaving. For example, some deodorants contain soothing and anti-irritant actives that are actually good for freshly shaved skin.

Which deodorants are aluminum free?

Which deodorants are aluminum free and why should I choose them? Finding out which deodorants are aluminum free is quite simple - just look at the product label or technical product description (if online) before you buy.

If there is aluminum in the product, the description or declaration should state so that you can easily assess whether the deodorant in question contains aluminum or not.

Aluminum can go by several different names on a product label, including aluminum chloride, aluminum chloride, alum and aluminum salts. If you are still unsure after looking at the label or reading the product description, contact the retailer to ask about the aluminum content.

It's always a good idea to choose a deodorant without aluminum, as this ensures that you don't risk absorbing too much aluminum in your body - at least not through your deodorant. If you are also worried about developing allergies, you can also choose a deodorant without perfume, as perfume can provoke allergies and allergic reactions in the worst case scenario.

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Intimate deodorant against unwanted genital and vaginal smell

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