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Intimate odour in women

Every woman's private parts have a natural odour that can change. However, when this becomes unpleasant or malodorous, it is called intimate odour, a problem that can be caused by a variety of reasons.

The reasons for unpleasant intimate odour can range from a bacterial imbalance, to poor hygiene, to infections and STIs.

Fortunately, most of these causes are not dangerous and there are simple and effective ways to prevent and treat the problem.

In the following guide, you will learn how to prevent unpleasant intimate odour, how to treat it, and what can cause it.

Prevent unwanted groin smell

As with most problems, prevention is the best protection for intimate odour. To completely avoid unpleasant intimate odour, a sufficient hygiene routine and the use of appropriate care products specifically for the sensitive areas around the female genitals is required.

Australian Bodycare offers an intimate care range specifically designed for use on the genitals to gently and effectively cleanse and care for the sensitive areas. Like all Australian Bodycare products, this range contains natural Australian tea tree oil, which has natural antibacterial properties for optimal and gentle care.

Intimate care kit against vaginal odor
3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation
+15.000 reviews
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Intimate care kit against vaginal odor - 3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation

The intimate care series consists of three specially developed products:

1) Intim Wash

Intimate Wash by Australian Bodycare is a gentle wash lotion for daily use. The wash gel contains natural tea tree oil and is designed to thoroughly cleanse the intimate area.

As the sensitive area around the vagina has a natural bacterial flora, including important lactic acid bacteria, it is important to use products that do not upset the vaginal lactic acid bacteria with artificial or inappropriate ingredients. Therefore, always make sure to use products that are specifically designed for use in the intimate area. Intimate Wash by Australian Bodycare contains lactic acid, among other things, to protect this natural balance of bacteria.

2) Femi Daily

To avoid unpleasant intimate odour, as well as other common symptoms such as dryness, itching or irritation, you can use nourishing gels and creams specifically for use in the intimate area in your daily routine. Australian Bodycare's Femi Daily is a vaginal gel with natural Australian tea tree oil that is applied externally to the skin in the intimate area. It can be used daily, and several times a day if needed. An example of this is a visit to the swimming pool, where you should apply the gel both before and after the bath, as the pH and bacteria of the bath water can have an effect on the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina.

3) Intim Deo

Spray with the intimate deodorant several times a day if necessary. The intimate deodorant refreshes the intimate area - quickly and easily. Spray directly on the areas where you have problems with unpleasant odour, itching or irritation. The intimate deodorant is quickly absorbed and keeps the intimate area fresh for several hours.

You can use the intimate deodorant in the morning, for example, to keep the intimate area fresh during the day, and use Femi Daily in the evening before going to bed so that the product has enough time to work.

Intimate care kit against vaginal odor
3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation
+15.000 reviews
Regular price $42.99
Sale price $42.99 Regular price
Intimate care kit against vaginal odor - 3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation

Causes of intimate odour

But why does unpleasant intimate odour occur in the first place?

There can be a variety of reasons for this, which can be due to a lack of hygiene, but also diseases or infections.

Here you will find an overview of common causes for a change in the natural smell of the intimate area to unpleasant intimate odour:

1) Sexual intercourse

During sexual intercourse, a variety of bacteria and microorganisms are exchanged between sexual partners. If you don't use a condom during sex, these bacteria and fluids can easily enter the vagina and spread.

Since the natural environment of the vagina naturally reacts to these new substances and invaders, the intimate smell can change when the body wants to get rid of these foreign substances.

This is why, in addition to using adequate contraception, it is extremely important to wash thoroughly after sex, especially if you have sex without a condom, in order to prevent bacteria from settling and unpleasant intimate odours from developing.

For optimal and gentle cleansing, use a suitable wash gel, such as Intimate Wash by Australian Bodycare, which gently cleanses the sensitive skin in the intimate area with natural tea tree oil and does not cause any additional irritation.

2) Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the female body goes haywire. The hormone balance changes greatly, and thus changes also result in physiological symptoms. A change in intimate odour can be one of these many changes. To get rid of unpleasant intimate odour as a result of pregnancy, it is advisable to use suitable care products, such as Femigel, a gentle care gel for the intimate area, which not only helps with unpleasant intimate odour but also with dryness and irritation.

Furthermore, it is extremely important, especially during pregnancy, to discuss changes to your body and possible problems with your doctor in order to receive professional diagnosis and help with any fluctuations.

3) Vaginal mycosis

Vaginal mycosis, or vaginal thrush, is a bacterial infection with the yeast bacterium Candida Albicans. The fungus develops due to changes in the natural bacterial flora of the vagina, which alters the acid ratio and makes the pH value of the discharge low, or acidic. This gives naturally occurring yeast fungi favourable growth conditions and allows them to spread beyond their natural level.

The imbalance of the bacterial flora can occur for many reasons, the most common of which are medications such as penicillin, unprotected sexual intercourse, hormonal changes, or even diabetes.

Vaginal thrush has several characteristic symptoms, such as itching and burning during urination, but also the unpleasant intimate odour caused by the altered discharge.

4) Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is also a phenomenon caused by a bacterial imbalance in the vagina. Although it is not a venereal disease, it can be influenced by sexual behaviour.

Basically, we speak of bacterial vaginosis when there is an imbalance between the natural bacteria of the vagina, whereby the lactic acid bacteria settled in the vagina are missing, and other bacteria can spread and grow more as a result.

Symptoms such as an altered discharge and unpleasant intimate odour are characteristic of bacterial vaginosis, which is experienced recurrently by about 15-30% of all women between the ages of 15 and 50.

What to do about intimate odour?

Many women experience unpleasant intimate odour at least once in the course of their lives. However, there is no need to worry in the first place if you notice unpleasant intimate odour, as there are simple ways and products to get rid of unpleasant intimate odour.

To combat intimate odour, it is recommended to use special creams and gels, such as Femigel by Australian Bodycare. Based on natural tea tree oil, it helps to rid the sensitive skin around the vagina of unwanted bacteria and nourish it.

Femigel is applied directly to the areas where you are experiencing symptoms. It can be applied every 2nd or 3rd day for dryness and itching.

For more acute symptoms, such as unpleasant intimate odour, burning or irritation, you can also apply it daily or even several times a day to the irritated areas of the intimate area.

If the symptoms such as unpleasant intimate odour, itching, burning, vaginal dryness or irritation are not relieved even after repeated use of suitable care products, you should consult a doctor. Many of the symptoms are also due to bacterial or hormonal changes, as well as possible STIs, which may have long-term consequences. If you are unsure whether a disease or an underlying problem could be the cause of unpleasant odours, changes in discharge or irritation, talk to your doctor for a professional diagnosis and appropriate treatment, including medication if necessary.

Beyond treating the symptoms directly, it is also important to continue to maintain good intimate hygiene to prevent the problems from recurring.

Make sure you wash thoroughly on a regular basis, using products that are adapted to the sensitive intimate area.

Australian Bodycare's intimate care kit, consisting of a wash lotion, a daily care gel and a special gel for selective application, offers you a suitable all-round package with natural tea tree oil to effectively cleanse the vagina without disturbing the delicate balance of natural bacteria.

Intimate care kit against vaginal odor
3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation
+15.000 reviews
Regular price $42.99
Sale price $42.99 Regular price
Intimate care kit against vaginal odor - 3 intimate products for unwanted odor and intimate irritation