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What can you use as lube?

Sex is simply more fun with lube. Whether you rub each other in with it and explore each other’s bodies, or simply want some extra glide for the act itself. Sex is a beautiful thing, and with the right lube it can be even better. Whether you’re wanting to use it with someone else, or for enjoyment on your own. Lube can also be necessary if you experience burn or pain after sex.

You’re hot and ready, but shoot! There’s no lube in the drawer – what do you do?

What could you use to replace the traditional lube?

The answer to this question can be found in this text. We go exploring in the kitchen in order to find something you can use as lube – and the things you should stay away from. You can also read about why the very best thing to use is a proper lubricant – it was always going to be hard to compete with a product that’s made for this one purpose!

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Table of contents

What is lube?

Did we mention it before? There is no perfect replacement for a good quality lube. The right lube is simply better, more fun to use, and healthier. This way you can also avoid making the entire house smell like olive oil or coconut – it’s a real struggle.

Lube can be found in a water-based and silicone-based version. They are both good, but the water-based lube is slightly healthier, and can easily be used with a condom or sex toy. Silicone based lube dissolves condoms and ruins sex toys. So if you are planning on using a condom, silicone based lube is a definite no-go.

A good water-based lube doesn’t only make sex more comfortable, but also protects the endometrium. There is also a smaller risk for wounds and tears, which can cause pain after sex. If you’re looking to engage in anal sex, a good lube is definitely a requirement, as natural lubricant is not produced in this part of the body.

Did you know..

Many women experience itch, burn and irritation after sex, and can be quite uncomfortable. If itch and burn occurs after sex, it might help you to use a gel, which can help towards dryness and intimate discomfort. At Australian Bodycare we have developed a water based lube with Tea Tree Oil. Intimate glide is dermatologically tested and can help towards vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort.

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What can you use instead of lube?

There is no perfect replacement for a good water based lube. If you order one from a web shop today, you will receive it within a few days.

But if it really can’t wait, here you have some suggestions for alternative “lubricants”.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is quite the miracle product. It tastes incredible and can be used for both your skin and hair. It can even be used as a lube if you find yourself in a pickle.

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so before you can use it, it needs to be heated. This can be done in the microwave, or if you scoop out a few lumps you can heat them up in your hand. Coconut oil is great for massages, give it a try. We don’t recommend using it as a “lube” as it’s very fatty, hence not the best solution.

Even if coconut oil could be used as lube, we can’t know for sure. There is not much research about sex and coconut oil. So, we are not able to recommend it. It might also be a problem that coconut oil is so antibacterial, due to the delicate balance of bacteria and pH-value in the vagina, which the coconut oil might effect in a negative way. Due to the coconut oil being an oil, it cannot be used with a condom as the oil might dissolve the condom.

Almond oil

Almond oil is a different kind of cooking oil, which also can be used as a “lube”. It has a delicious scent and feels smooth on the skin. The oil also works well as a massage oil.

It’s also very moisturising, and isn’t it convenient that you can use the leftovers for your salad? Almond oil also functions well as lube. However, the same rule applies when it comes to not using it with condoms.

If you have some almond oil sitting on the shelf, you can knock yourself out. But please do yourselves a favour and order a proper lube once you’re done. Almond oil is usable, but it won’t provide you with the same protection or longevity as a great water-based lube.


These things cannot be used as lube

Almond oil and coconut oil are two natural oils which aren’t harmful to use as a lube – but we still don’t recommend that you do. If you do some research online, you will find some very bad suggestions as to what you can use for lube. Vaseline, hand cream, soap and baby oil are some examples. Please remember that none of these things should be used as lube! Stay away from them!

Can you use baby oil and Vaseline as lube?

Vaseline and baby oil are two variations of the same substance – petroleum, which isn’t healthy for your vagina (or any other area of your body for that matter). Both Vaseline and baby oil can do the same as a lube, but it’s simply not healthy for your insides.

Research has shown that women who use Vaseline vaginally have twice the risk of experiencing a bacterial imbalance in the vagina. Women who use baby oil vaginally also have a higher risk of developing vaginal thrush. Not fun – so please keep Vaseline and baby oil out of the bedroom.

Soaps and creams

Soaps, shampoos and creams are absolute no-go’s when it comes to finding lube-replacements. If you have ever experienced getting soap up the urinal tract, you know what we’re talking about - it burns as hell. This is due to soaps and creams having a completely different pH-value from your vagina.

Cooking oils

Cooking oils such as rapeseed oil and olive oil are not suitable to use as lube. Olive oil is the gentlest oil and could work if it’s cold pressed. There are however other cooking oils, which you need to stay away from. They are processed in a very unhealthy way, and are not healthy to cook with or to use on your body in any kind of way. They also smell quite disgusting. It’s not very sexy to smell like a frier.

Enjoy in a safe way

We hope you have learned something about what you should and shouldn’t use as lube. Do yourselves a favor and buy a good lube rather than emptying the fridge. A lube is cheap, natural and super comfortable to use. And there is enough in a tube for many good times.

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