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Who gets spots on the bum?

Spots on bum cheeks are just as irritating and annoying as spots anywhere else on the body. And it is just as normal to get spots on the bum as it is to get spots on the face or anywhere else on the body. Anyone can get spots on the bum, both men and women, but teenagers in puberty experience them more often than others since they are more prone to spots in general.

Spots on the bum – what do they look like?

Spots are an irritating skin condition although fortunately they are completely harmless. Though having spots can nonetheless be deeply frustrating, even when they are tucked away on your bum.

Spots on the bum are something we can hide away under our clothes most of the time, but not when we are getting dressed in the changing room, for example. It’s at times like this that they become not just a skin condition, but also a source of mental anguish. If your spots are really tender and sore, they can also make it painful to do things like ride a bike, for example.

Spots on bum cheeks look just like spots anywhere else. They typically begin as a little red and swollen pimple on the skin before eventually getting bigger, more tender and filled with yellow puss.

If you can’t resist the temptation to squeeze your spots, you should take great care in avoiding damaging the skin and causing scars.

How to get rid of spots on the bum?

Most people will want to do whatever they can to get rid of spots as soon as they appear. However unfortunately, there are no instant solutions or quick-fix cures. The most important thing you can do is arm yourself with a good dose of patience as you set about cleansing and caring for your skin using high-quality products for spots on the bum. Morning and afternoon – every day.

Washing, cleansing and caring for skin

Most people these days are aware that it is important to wash, clean and care for the skin on our face whenever we get spots or pimples there. The same rule applies when it comes to spots on bum cheeks too.

Quickly popping under the shower is not enough to remove all excess grime and dirt from the skin. It is important to use proper cleansing products. Mild and skin-friendly cleansers which are effective against bacteria are the best sort of product to use. For example, you might want to try Body Wash from Australian Bodycare. It cleanses effectively without drying out the skin. In addition to your daily wash, you could also try using an exfoliating cream once a week, such as Body Scrub from Australian Bodycare which will give your body a deep and thorough clean.

The best approach is not to scrub like mad, though. That will just cause damage to the skin without doing anything to remove your spots. To avoid your skin drying out after washing and cleansing, use a good-quality cream for spots in order to moisturise and nourish the skin.

But make sure you use a suitable clean which is designed for use on unclean skin with spots. In the Body Range you will find a Body Lotion and a Body Cream which both moisturise and nourish the skin while also acting effectively against bacterial growth – as spots and bacteria go hand in hand.

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Avoid synthetic and tight-fitting clothing

If you are suffering from spots on your bum checks, then you may want to think carefully about what clothes you wear. For example, do you wear underwear made from synthetic material? Do you often wear tight-fitting clothing? Synthetic materials make it difficult for your skin to breathe while tight-fitting clothing generates friction against your skin. This causes irritation and may lead to spots. Cotton and slightly looser fitting clothes will help.

Tablets and ointments for spots on the bum

If you are severely affected by spots on the bum – and probably elsewhere on your body and face – then you may need to seek medical treatment for the spots on your bottom. Consult your doctor or a dermatologist who can write you a prescription for either tablets or an ointment/cream.

The advantage of taking tablets is that they work across the entire body at the same time. Ointment/cream can be used locally wherever spots appear and so are a good solution for spots on the bum. Even if you are using a treatment, it is still important that you wash, cleanse and moisturise your skin each day.

The impact of diet and lifestyle

Fatty and unhealthy foods equals spots on the bottom. This is something we hear a lot, although there are no studies which prove a direct link between spots and diet. However, there may be a small correlation between spots and the consumption of dairy products.

So you may want to try avoiding milk and other dairy products to see whether this makes a difference. Stress can affect our hormone balance and may therefore lie at the root cause of the occurrence of spots. There is no doubt that hormones are public enemy number one when it comes to spots and pimples.

Some people may also have a genetic predisposition to spots. If your mum or dad has had trouble with spots then there is a greater probability that you will as well.

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What causes spots on the bum?

Spots are a hormone-related skin condition which explains why most people have particular trouble with spots and pimples during puberty. Whenever more hormones are formed in the body, the production of sebum is also increased and this can cause our sebaceous glands to clog up if excess sebum is unable to reach the surface of the skin.

If bacteria permeates the sebaceous glands – which is hard to avoid – then inflammation will follow and this is what causes spots to appear. Spots occur most commonly in areas where we have more sebaceous glands. These include the bum, the face, the back and the chest, among other places.

Fortunately, most people stop getting spots on their bum after they finish adolescence. Yet some people, especially men, tend to find that even though they no longer get spots on their face, unfortunately they still get spots on their bum and sometimes also spots on the back. This is irritating but again, the most important weapon we have in our arsenal against spots is daily washing, cleaning and taking care of our skin.

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Sale price $45.99 Regular price
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