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Stretch marks on the thighs - What to do about them?

Stretch marks on the thighs are familiar to many. Some embrace them, while others see them as a cosmetic problem.

Fortunately, if you're unhappy about them, there are effective ways to improve their appearance. Learn more about how to care for them here, including why stretch marks appear and how best to try to keep your skin free of them.

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How to treat and care for your stretch marks?

If you are one of the unlucky ones who get the classic tiger stripes on your inner thighs, you are far from alone. Stretch marks are a common skin condition, but that doesn't make them any less cosmetically bothersome for a large proportion of those affected.

Even if you have to deal with the stripes on your thighs for the rest of your life, that doesn't mean you can't improve their appearance. Here are some of the methods you can use if you want to minimise the visibility of your stretch marks.

Use oils and creams

Good, nourishing skincare can take you a long way. For example with creams or an oil like Body Oil. This nourishing oil is rich in nourishing active ingredients such as squalane, tea tree oil, almond and sunflower oil.

They are all part of a unique combination that together make your skin resilient, moisturised and above all boost it with vitamin E. Working together, they contribute to a more even and smooth skin with less visible stretch marks.

This was the experience of 75% of the test subjects when they tested the oil on their stretch marks.

Give the oil time to work

You should not expect a remedy that works miracles overnight. Firstly, oils, creams or other methods are not miracle cures that can make the marks disappear. But they can, with persistent use, make them less visible.

Only after 12-20 weeks of regular use of the oil will the first improvements start to show. Be patient with your skin - it needs time and care to improve.

Apply the oil daily, preferably 1-2 times on clean and dry skin. Massage in circular motions, working the oil into the skin. The oil won't feel greasy or sticky, but make sure to let it dry completely before getting dressed.

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If you want to go one step further, laser treatment for stretch marks on your inner thighs may be the solution for you.


Microneedling is in some ways similar to laser treatment. Here, the aim is also to penetrate deep into the skin to make controlled "injuries" to activate the skin's own repair process. The aim is to boost collagen formation and elastic fibres.

Instead of laser beams, pointed needles are used.

Is there a way to prevent stretch marks on the inner thighs?

It is not always possible to prevent stretch marks - on the thighs, bum, back, breasts, arms or stomach. They can appear out of nowhere without there being any sign of them.

However, there are a number of things you can do to minimise the likelihood of stretch marks:

  • Live healthily and exercise. The very best thing you can do to keep stretch marks away is to eat a healthy and varied diet combined with exercise. Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can be enough.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking is one of the skin's worst enemies. It can make your skin more flabby and less resistant.
  • Use a good skincare regime. Make sure you nourish your skin with nourishing and moisturising ingredients. Moisturising helps to make your skin stronger and more supple. And even if there is no scientific evidence that you can prevent stretch marks in this way, it will still help your skin's resilience.

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What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are coloured streaks or cracks that appear on the skin. It is an injury that occurs in the skin when it is stressed beyond its own natural elastic capacity.

Stretch marks are called striae in Latin and they are commonly found on your inner thighs. The marks are not dangerous, but they are a cosmetic problem for many people.

The cracked skin is a kind of scar, and just like scars, stretch marks are an injury that can never be fully repaired. You'll have stretch marks for life - but that doesn't mean you can't take active steps to make them less visible.

What do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks are pink or blue-violet bands or stripes across the skin. When you get them on your thighs, they are usually on the inside.

The marks can vary in colour and thickness from person to person. But what they all have in common is that they gradually fade in colour and become more whitish or the same shade as the surrounding skin.

This in itself makes them less obvious as time goes by, but the skin will still have its cracked appearance.

Who gets stretch marks on their inner thighs?

Stretch marks on the thighs are a familiar problem for many - and both men and women, young and old, can get the striped marks on their skin.

If you get stretch marks on your inner thighs, it is usually related to various factors. You can find out more about them below.

How do the stretch marks develop on your thighs?

Stretch marks on your inner thighs develop naturally. It's a common way for the skin to react if it is overstretched. That is, if your skin is overstretched to the point where it can't keep up.

When the elastic fibres in the subcutaneous tissue stretch too much, they break and leave marks on your skin.

These marks typically appear on the inner thighs, but the stomach, breasts, back and buttocks are also particularly vulnerable areas of the body. All of these are areas where your skin experiences the most overstretching.

When the skin on your inner thighs cracks, there are typically specific causes. Find out more about them here.

Weight gain

If your weight increases a lot - especially over a short period of time - your skin's natural elasticity is compromised. It simply can't keep up with the load and the fibres break, which shows up as cracks in the outer layer of skin.

This weight gain can be caused by an unhealthy diet or pregnancy. But you may also be at risk of gaining a lot of weight as a side effect of different types of medication.

Your body is quickly growing - Puberty and training

Many teenagers find that the skin on their inner thighs suddenly cracks. This is due to the rapid and vigorous growth of the body during puberty. Again, the elastic fibres can't keep up and stretch marks can appear.

The same applies if you exercise intensively. Strength training in particular, where the thigh muscles develop explosively, can cause stretch marks on the inner thighs because the skin cannot keep up.


But is it only if your body expands a lot that your skin can crack? No, this also applies if you 'shrink'. That is, if you lose a lot of weight.

In this case, it can also be difficult for your skin's elastic fibres to keep up in the other direction - and then there is a risk of stretch marks.

Your hormones are imbalanced

If your hormones are imbalanced or changing, this can also affect your skin and its elasticity.

Hormonal changes typically occur during puberty or if you are pregnant.

Genetics DO play a part

Finally, stretch marks on the inner thighs or anywhere else on the body can be hereditary. It all comes down to the natural type and elasticity of your skin.

While some families are predisposed to strong elastic skin types, others may have the opposite. This is also why many pregnant women can get a clue as to whether they are predisposed to stretch marks by looking at their own mum.

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