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Using Tea Tree Oil On The Face

Tea tree oil which is also known as melaleuca oil is a highly effective essential oil which has multiple uses and benefits. This oil is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia and can be applied to the face and body to treat pimples and as an active ingredient for skin care products.

Although Tea tree oil has been used for over a century for skin care and treatment, it has only recently gained popularity worldwide.

Since its beneficial properties have been documented, many cosmetic and skincare companies have started to add Tea tree oil to their products as the key active ingredient.

Tea tree oil products can now be found in almost every home, especially families with young children, elderly or who suffer with sensitive skin.

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Table of contents

What Is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is a natural plant extract from the native Australian Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It can be extracted when the leaves from the plant are distilled with steam in order to obtain the oil.

The oil is a completely natural substance which cannot be reproduced, hence why it is so highly valued for its healing properties.

This essential oil has potent antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which can help combat difficult and unpleasant skin conditions, as a natural alternative to medicines and topical skin care products which may contain harsh chemicals.

However, tea tree oil is toxic if consumed but can be safely used in low concentration topically on the skin.

Over the last century this volatile essential oil, which comes from the native Australian Melaleuca alternifolia plant, has been widely used throughout Australia.

In fact, Australian soldiers were even given small bottles of pure tea tree oil to carry in their first aid kits to help them treat wounds and prevent fatal infections from invading skin cuts and wounds.

Native Australians were also known to crush the tea tree leaves to extract the oil which was then inhaled in order to treat coughs and colds.

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How To Use Tea Tree Oil On The Face

Tea tree oil is highly valuable for facial skincare as it offers many versatile advantages.

We recommend these three steps to for facial treatment

Step 1.

Every morning and evening, using lukewarm water and either a cream or foaming wash thoroughly cleanse you skin using sweeping circular movements.

Face Wash from Australian Bodycare contains tea tree oil which helps counteracts bacteria, it is mild, non-drying and very effective. Without the need to scrub the skin it will cleanse away dirt, bacteria, make-up and other matter which can clog the pores.

Step 2.

After cleansing use a suitable toner which will help freshen the skin and remove excess cleaser. Again, it is important that you use a product that is especially suitable for a skin with pimples.

With face tonic, it is important to have a mild product that cleans the pores effectively, while at the same time providing the content of tea tree oil to counteract the occurrence of bacteria in the pores.

Step 3.

There is often the temptation to over scrub or cleanse the skin in the hope it may make the blemishes, spots or pimples disappear, however this is not true and you risk causing excessive dryness and irritation and your skin will compensate by producing more oil.

Cleansing should be regular and gentle and always followed with a toner then an appropriate moisturiser for your skin type, it should be mild, non- irritating, maintain skin moisture levels and counteract bacteria.

How To Use Products From Australian Bodycare Step By Step

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Treatment for spots and pimples Prone Skin

Research has found that a five percent solution of tea tree oil works just as well as benzoyl peroxide. By diluting a few drops of tea tree oil with twenty to forty drops of witch hazel and applying to affected areas on the face once or twice a day with a cotton swab, you can begin to clear up your spots and pimples prone skin using natural products only.

Benzoyl peroxide is the top drugstore spots and pimples remedy, however, It can cause redness and flakiness, whereas tea tree oil, when used in small quantities, can actually fight spots and pimples and treat symptoms of inflammation.

Spots and pimples often appear on the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks and this solution is mild enough to be used on each of these areas.

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Lightening of Scar tissue

Spots, pimples and other skin conditions can leave behind unsightly scars on the skin, a few drops of tea tree oil in a tablespoon of raw honey can help lighten scars and restore the natural oil balance of the skin.

Massage the mixture onto the scar for several minutes and leave until dry, then rinse with cool water and repeat the process daily to see the scars fade away naturally.

Treatment of Dry Skin

By using a few drops of pure tea tree oil mixed with a carrier oil such as almond oil, and massaging into your skin, you can help eliminate and remove dry skin. This will imprive the elasticity and softness of the skin and is usually recommended just before showering.

If you continue to use this mixture on a regular basis your skin will be more hydrated and less likely to become dry.

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Use As A Makeup Remover

Tea tree oil can be used as a makeup remover when mixed with one-quarter cup of canola or olive oil and ten drops of tea tree oil in a sterilized airtight container. Make sure that the mixture is well blended before using.

Tea tree oil will be effective at removing the makeup and unclogging skin pores to prevent breakouts. The carrier oil, in this case, the canola or the olive oil help to hydrate the skin and smooth out any fine lines or wrinkles.

This solution is ideal for those who suffer from sensitive skin and are prone to adverse reactions. Thus, bear in mind that this is not suitable for eyemake up removal.

To use, saturate a cotton pad in the solution and sweep over your face to remove makeup, using lukewarm water thoroughly rinse the skin then follow with a toner to remove excess product and even the skin.

By using tea tree oil as part of your makeup removing routine on a regular basis you can improve skin health and protect it from breakouts caused by bacteria Some of which can be caused by dirty make-up brushes.

As A Toner

A skin toner is part of the cleansing routine for the skin; they can help to remove dirt, pollution and other impurities which may still remain after washing the face with a cleanser.

Using a homemade tea tree oil toner can be a cost-effective way of treating pimples and blemishes thanks to its antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

Tea tree oil toners can be soothing for facial skin and can be made at home using just a spray bottle, water, and some essential oil.

Fill your spray bottle with water and for every 25ml, add ten drops of tea tree oil and five drops of essential oils. Make sure you shake the bottle well before each use and lightly spritz twice a day after washing your face, followed by your favorite moisturiser.

If you want to use tea tree oil on your face, we recommend, as previously mentioned, that you use approved products where the amount of tea tree oil is added to the product. That way, in the long run , you are sure to get a good and safe result.

Benefits Of Using Tea Tree Oil On The Face

Tea tree oil is practical, inexpensive and as mentioned above, has several uses for the skin. It is often hailed as the jack of all trades amongst all the herbal oils available.

In fact, research suggests that it contains nearly one hundred separate components which can account for the numerous conventional uses it has to offer.

This plant extract is an antimicrobial agent, meaning it can stop the growth of bacteria and prevent the development or spread of infections.

When you have a dirty skin, it is important to clean and wash your skin in the morning and in the evening to remove bacteria. However, it is important not to “over wash” as you might end up stripping the moisture from the skin.

The skin should also be moisturised and protected. Tea Tree Oil has a beneficial effect on pimples and unclean skin due to the anti-bacterial effect (pimples occur just because of bacterial development in a clogged sebaceous gland).

You can get soaps for pimples, face wash for pimples and face cream for pimples with Tea Tree Oil, where the oil is added in the amount that is appropriate for the product to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Tree Oil For The Face

Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Your Face?

Tea tree oil is an excellent natural plant extract that is safe for use on the face. This essential oil has numerous medicinal benefits and can provide reliable protection for your skin, no matter how sensitive it is.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil On Your Face?

Tea tree oil can be used on the face in multiple ways, either diluted with a carrier oil or mixed in with your favorite skin care products. Some methods may require you to wash off the mixture after a short while whereas other tea tree oil solutions can be left on the skin for several hours.

Can You Apply Tea Tree Oil Directly To The Face?

We recommend that you never use pure Tea Tree Oil directly on the skin.

What Is The Use Of Tea Tree Oil On Face?

Tea tree oil can be used on the face to treat skin conditions such as spots, pimples, blemishes, dryness, infections and other medical conditions such as dandruff and dry scalp. The oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which make it ideal for treating and soothing skin conditions. Regular use of tea tree oil also makes it an ideal active ingredient for skin protection and to clear blemishes and scars.

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