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Shaving foam or shaving gel? Pros and cons

Every man needs to shave from time to time to remove a beard. And most women also choose to shave their armpits, legs or bikini line from time to time - some more frequently than others. So, for most people, shaving is an important part of personal grooming, and for many men and women it is a daily routine. This means that, on the whole, oceans of time are spent trimming or removing body hair.

But no matter how often you shave, it's important to have the knowledge to make your shave go more smoothly. You have the option of using shaving gel or shaving foam to remove facial or body hair, but which one gives the best results? We'll dive deeper into that here.

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Table of contents

Why do you need to use shaving foam or shaving gel?

Shaving gel or foam is an important part of your shaving routine. For most people, shaving legs or armpits is done in the shower under warm, running water. So far so good. But what many people forget is to apply shaving gel or shaving foam to the skin.

Running hot water can feel sufficient to make your razor glide. Unfortunately, it's just not enough if you want to protect your skin. It's very hard on the skin when you scrape it with water alone. That's why you should never scrape on completely dry skin - if you do, you'll pull on the skin instead of gently gliding over it.

After all, a moisturised skin under the shower does make it glide better, but you still need a product that effectively makes the razor glide without damaging your skin. This could be a shave gel, for example, which you leave on for a few moments before you start scraping the skin free of hair.

The shave gel helps to soften the skin so you can get a close shave. It's also transparent, so you can clearly see the skin and have full control over your shave. In addition, the gel is packed with Tea Tree Oil, which has antibacterial properties.

Shaving foam

Shaving foam is a classic shaving product. It's an older product that older men in particular still use. You whip up your own foam from a shaving cream, which you then apply to your skin with a shaving brush. Although many of the older generation still use the homemade foam variant, a modern version of it has also found its way to both the older and younger generations. Here's a shaving foam that's ready to use right away.

Benefits of using shaving foam

The main advantage of shaving foam is that it is ready to use immediately because it is pre-foamed. This means it's quick to apply. You don't need to lather it up yourself or buy a shaving brush. Plus, it's often cheaper than shaving gel.

Cons of using shaving foam

With shaving foam, it can be difficult to get a good view of your shave because the foam is like a white, thick blanket on your skin that you can't see through. And when you can't see your skin while shaving, it's also difficult to control your shave. Shaving foam also tends to dry out the skin, so you need plenty of moisturising creams afterwards.

Shaving gel

Shaving gel came on the market after shaving foam and is now a good alternative to it. While shaving foam, as the name suggests, foams, gel has a different and more supple texture. This consistency is one of the reasons why more and more people are turning to gel to remove unwanted hair growth from the face or body.

Benefits of using shaving gel

The shaving gel has a number of advantages. One of the most noticeable is the ease of application. The consistency of the gel makes it easy to distribute the product evenly, so the blade glides better over the skin. This helps to ensure a good shave. In addition, the gel softens and moisturises the skin - making it suitable for men and women with sensitive skin.

Shaving with a gel also gives you more control because you can see through it and shave exactly where you want. Last but not least, a shaving gel is very economical to use. You only need a small amount to cover a large area.

Cons of shaving gel

There aren't many downsides to shaving gel because it's designed to optimise your shave for the best results. One of them might be the slightly more expensive price compared to shaving foam, but in the end it might not be a disadvantage after all, because a gel also lasts longer than shaving foam does.

Achieve the perfect shave, without red bumps

When it comes to getting the best shave, shaving gel or foam can't do it alone. To get the best shave with a razor-sharp result, follow this step-by-step guide:

Before shaving:

1. Whether it's an intimate shave or a beard shave, you need to set aside plenty of time for it. At the same time, make sure you have good and sufficient lighting so you can see what you're doing. Otherwise, you risk cutting yourself.'

2. Never shave dirty skin. Take a hot shower before you start shaving. If you don't have time for a shower, it's important to warm up your skin well with hot water in the area you're going to shave. This will make your skin soft and supple.

3. You can boost that soft feeling with a pre-shave product. This is an important part of a successful shave. For example, Australian Bodycare Body Wash, Intimate Wash or Face Wash are great for preparing the skin as these products are rich in Tea Tree Oil, which effectively fights bacteria.

Bacteria is the biggest threat to you when it comes to beard plague and red razor bumps. These conditions occur because the hair follicles get a bacterial infection. With a pre-product, you can create the right base for your shave.

While you shave:

1. Just before you start using your razor or shaver, apply a shaving gel or foam so that the blade glides on the surface of your skin without tearing or pulling. Massage the product in well so that you have enough coverage on your skin.

2. Remember that both the razor and the machine should be clean before use so that you don't risk pushing bacteria into the hair follicles and ending up with itchy, red bumps. If you need to shave more than one part of your body, you should not use the same blade.

3. Never shave against the hairs as this will tear the skin - even if you are using gel or foam. Always scrape with the hairs to be as gentle on your skin as possible. Tighten the skin slightly when shaving, but not too much.

After you shave:

1. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water to cleanse it of any products that may be left behind and irritate it afterwards. Finish with cold water, which aims to close your pores again after the hot water opened them.

2. Finish it off with an after shave that is both antibacterial and has a soothing effect on your skin. It can be a bit irritated after shaving. Australian Bodycare Body Balm or After Shave are both packed with great antiseptic properties that soften and moisturise your skin at the same time.

3. When you've finished shaving, remember to keep your fingers away from the shaved area. Let it dry on its own or pat dry with a clean towel.

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