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    Best seller
    Mouth care

    Chlorhexidine mouthwash 0.12% with Tea Tree Oil

    Mouthwash with Chlorhexidine (0.12%) and Tea Tr...

  • Best seller
    Intim care

    Kit for the care of Lichen Sclerosus

    3 products for itching and soreness in the inti...

  • Intim care

    Intimate Wet Wipes with Tea Tree Oil 24 pcs

    Wet wipes for the intimate area - cleans, refre...

    From $9.99
  • Intim care

    Intimate wash against odour and genital itching

    Intimate wash for daily intimate care to protec...

    From $14.99
  • Intim care

    Water based lube to prevent vaginal dryness

    Water based lubricant to stop dryness and irrit...

  • Body care

    Shower gel with Tea Tree Oil

    Do you need a revitalising and nurturing tea tr...

    From $13.99
  • Tea tree oil

    Pure Tea Tree Oil for skin problems

    High pharmaceutical grade natural Australian Te...

    From $9.99
  • Face care

    Tea tree Face Wash for pimples and blackheads

    Face Wash for daily face cleansing – good again...

    From $16.99
  • Intim care

    3 product kit for intimate care and hygiene

    3 products for the daily care of genital areas ...

  • Mouth care

    Tea Tree Oil Tooth Paste for healthy teeth and gums

    Do you want to achieve good oral hygiene and sa...

  • Professional

    Professional Skin Wash

    Skin Wash for professional use | Suitable as bo...

    From $27.99
  • Mouth care

    Tea Tree Oil Mouth Wash for a good oral hygiene

    Are you struggling with gum problems, sore gums...

  • Body care

    Tea Tree Body Lotion against dry skin and spots

    Are you looking for a moisturising cream for ...

    From $19.99
  • Mouth care

    Refreshing Mouth spray for bad breath and dry mouth

    Mouth spray (100 ml) for bad breath, care of dr...

  • Intim care

    Intimate barrier cream against redness and burning

    Effective barrier cream for the intimate area |...

    From $18.99
  • Intim care

    Femigel for vaginal dryness, genital itching and vaginal odor

    Femigel (5x7 ml) for daily intimate care | Coun...

    From $16.99
  • Intim care

    Intimate deodorant against unwanted genital and vaginal smell

    100 ml bottle with refreshing and cooling Intim...

  • Face care

    Tea Tree Oil spot treatment for congested skin

    Spot Stick - First aid treatment for spots | So...

    From $10.99
  • Award Winner 🏆
    Hair care

    Tea Tree Oil dandruff shampoo against dry and itchy scalp

    Anti dandruff shampoo for hair, scalp and beard...

    From $12.99
  • Save 15%
    Lip care

    Lip balm for care of dry and chapped lips

    3 pack of lip balm (3x5 g) for dry, sore lips w...

    From $6.99
  • Body care

    Body Cream for very dry skin and itching

    Do you want to get rid of very dry skin? This m...

  • Clinically Tested
    Hair care

    Scalp treatment against dandruff and dry scalp

    Effective cure for dandruff | Soothes dry, irri...

    From $19.99
  • Mouth care

    Tea Tree Oil soothing Mouth Gel

    Do you experience irritation in the mouth, sore...

  • Face care

    Tea Tree Face cream for pimples and congested skin

    Australian Bodycare Face Cream 50ml – Face mois...

    From $17.99

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