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Good skincare - What is it?

Everyone needs good skincare. To wash, cleanse and moisturise the skin with skincare products that suit your age, gender, skin type and skin condition. There is skincare to suit all skin types - the important thing is to find what works for you and your skin.
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Table of contents

Who needs good skincare?

Good skincare is something we all need. This applies to children and adults, young and old. And both women and men can benefit from caring for their skin in the right way. What we need varies depending on our age, gender, skin type, skin condition and the challenges we face.

And there's definitely a big difference in how much we prioritise daily skincare. For example, there is typically a big difference in the attention women and men pay to their skincare. Despite the fact that it's important for both genders.

So what is good skincare? In short, it's when you take good care of your skin based on your skin's specific needs.

If you suffer from eczema, impure skin, acne, hives, cold sores, psoriasis or any other skin condition, you need to take extra care of your skin, because your skin needs extra skin care and attention. But even people with perfect skin and no skin problems need to take care of their skin.

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Different skin types require different types of skincare. But whether your skin is dry, oily, blemished, sensitive, allergic, combination or normal, you can do a lot to look after it yourself.

What qualifies as good skincare?

Our skin, also known as cutis in Latin, is made up of two layers. The top layer, which is the visible layer, is called the epidermis. Underneath it is the dermis, which is the thickest layer. Underneath the two layers is the subcutaneous layer, called the subcutis.

Our skin acts as a barrier against moisture, dirt, bacteria, heat, cold and other external factors. It is therefore important that you take good care of your skin. Unfortunately, many people don't think about skincare until they experience skin problems or develop a skin condition. But no matter what your skin looks like, it's important to spend a little time on it every single day of the year.

In reality, good skincare is all about following some simple advice. Thoughtfulness, healthy living and daily attention to your skin, combined with some good skincare products, can go a long way.

Advice for good skincare

  • Make sure you have good sun protection. Sun is good for your skin - but in limited amounts. Your skin doesn't benefit from too much time in the sun, but no matter how long you're in the sun, always make sure you use a good sun cream on your face and body. It's also a good idea to wear a hat on a hot summer's day. Too much sun can cause sun eczema, sun damage and pigmentation changes, but also much more serious diseases such as skin cancer and melanoma.
  • Use a good cream, Face Cream for the face and Body Lotion for the body, to maintain or restore a good moisture balance in the skin. The skin should not be too dry, but not too oily either. It's all about finding a paraben-free skin cream that suits you and your skin.
  • Eat healthy and live healthy. Diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on our body and health, and this also affects our skin. So make sure you eat healthily to get plenty of vitamins, drink plenty of water, exercise and avoid stress. If you smoke, both you and your skin will benefit from quitting.
  • Remember to wash and cleanse your skin every day with our mild soaps. Face Wash is designed for facial skin and contains natural Tea Tree Oil to fight bacteria and keep your skin healthy. Body Wash is our mild soap for the body, which also contains Tea Tree Oil that counteracts and removes bacteria. Body Wash also removes excess skin oil.
  • Exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Exfoliation removes dirt, grease, dead skin cells and more from the skin, and in this way, exfoliation helps to revitalise the skin. T-Zone Peeling is a peeling with 2% BHA salicylic acid, which is suitable for oily, impure or combination ski

Good face care

Facial skin needs to be cared for every day. Just like brushing your teeth, it's important to remember your daily skincare routine twice a day, morning and evening.

In the morning, facial skin needs to be cleansed to remove the night's oil and dirt. And in the evening, the day's hardships in the form of dirt, grease, make-up, pollution and more should be washed off. Some soaps dry out the skin too much, so use a mild soap that is suitable for thin facial skin. Our Face Wash is mild and contains antibacterial and skin-friendly Tea Tree Oil, which fights bacteria and keeps skin healthy.

Both morning and evening, finish cleansing with a good, nourishing, paraben-free face cream that maintains the skin's moisture balance and keeps it healthy. It's a good idea to use a face cream that fights bacteria, such as our Face Cream with Tea Tree Oil.

A couple of times a week, your skin will benefit from an extra good cleanse with an exfoliating scrub. But make sure to choose products that are gentle on the skin and don't scrub vigorously.

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Good bodycare

When we talk about skincare, we tend to think mostly about the skin on our face. But it's not just facial skin that needs attention. The skin on the body needs to be cared for too. It should be washed clean with body wash to remove dirt and grease, and preferably exfoliated a few times a week. Afterwards, apply a good moisturiser that takes into account your skin's specific needs.

We recommend Australian Bodycare Body Lotion for daily skin care. Body Lotion contains Tea Tree Oil, which helps to counteract bacteria. It also has a high content of glycerine, which helps maintain the skin's moisture balance.

A hot shower dries out your skin, so after a shower your skin is thirsty for moisture. Use a good moisturiser that suits your skin. A cream is richer and more moisturising than a lotion. So if your skin is very dry, a cream will be more suitable than a lotion.

Most of us wash our hands many times a day, so the skin on our hands is particularly vulnerable. That's why it's important to remember a good hand cream after washing your hands; maybe not every time, but several times a day. Our Body Cream is ideal if your hands need extra care.

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The effect of the seasons on the skin

Many people don't experience major skin problems and are therefore not very good at remembering their moisturiser on a daily basis. But when winter arrives, they may suddenly notice that their skin becomes dry and they need a lip balm for their lips and a moisturiser for their skin.

Dry, cold and windy winter weather is hard on the skin. Most of us can feel how our skin becomes tighter and drier when it's cold and windy. At home, we turn up the heat. This creates a hot, dry indoor climate and low humidity, and it also has a drying effect on the skin.

Most people can get by with a good moisturiser and some good lip products. However, people who are predisposed to dry skin or suffer from skin diseases or conditions may need even more help in winter. This could be extra caring creams or medicated ointments or creams.

Our Body Cream is an intensive cream for the care of particularly vulnerable areas such as hands, feet and elbows.

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Skincare for all ages

The sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil for the skin so it doesn't dry out. Puberty and early adulthood is the period when the skin produces the most sebum. When overproduction occurs, as it often does during these years, it results in blemished skin. With age, the skin tends to become drier as sebum production decreases. Older people may therefore have an extra need to remember to moisturise daily.

Our Body Lotion is good for all ages and has a high moisturising content, which is good for dry skin. For particularly vulnerable areas, you can supplement with our Body Cream for intensive care.

Baby skin and children's skin, young skin, mature skin and older skin should not be treated the same. Everyone needs skin care and moisturisation, but it has to be the right kind. Often babies and children don't need moisturiser as much as older people do. Except for the many children who suffer from childhood eczema and therefore have a particularly high need for moisturisation. Our Body Lotion is mild and skin-friendly, helping to reduce the itching and irritation that children with childhood eczema often suffer from.

There are skincare products and creams suitable for all skin types. So whether you have impure skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin, combination skin, allergy-prone skin or something else entirely, there's a skincare product to suit you.

Provide your skin with moisture

Skincare for dry skin is of course about plenty of moisture, while skincare for oily skin is not about avoiding moisture. It's about adding the right type of moisture in the right amounts. For impure and oily skin, skincare products containing fruit acid or salicylic acid are often used because they counteract bacteria. Skincare for sensitive skin is all about the right gentle ingredients that gently nourish and moisturise the skin.

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If you're unsure of your skin type or have any skin concerns, you can have your skin checked by a dermatologist to ensure you get the right guidance and the right skincare products.

The four main skin types

  1. Normal/combination skin is skin that is soft, supple and neither dry nor oily. Even if you have normal/combination skin, the skin in the so-called T-zone, which extends from the forehead, down the nose and to the chin, can be slightly shinier. Everyone has increased sebum production in the T-zone.
  2. Dry skin is skin that is slightly rough and dull. The spectrum ranges from slightly dry skin to extremely dry skin, as seen in atopic eczema and other skin conditions.
  3. Oily skin is skin that appears shiny and greasy. This is due to an overproduction of sebum. The increased sebum production can cause clogged pores in the skin, which can lead to impure skin with pimples and blackheads.
  4. Sensitive skin is skin that easily reacts to external factors such as sun, wind, heat, cold, cosmetics, soap, etc. The skin reacts with itching, burning, tingling, etc. It becomes red, irritated, dry or reacts in other ways.

Can I still use skincare if I have a skin condition?

If you have a skin disease or condition, your skin needs extra attention. In addition to your regular daily skincare routine, your skin may need extra moisturising creams or other products. These could be medicated ointments or creams or other specialised products. It's important to talk to your doctor or dermatologist about what you need for your skin.

Focus on skincare products

There is an abundance of skincare products on the market and it can be a bit of a jungle to navigate. It's easy to buy a lot of products. But more is not necessarily better. And you're not guaranteed high quality by buying some expensive creams. Unfortunately, it isn't. Also, remember that creams only work when they're used. Create a good skincare routine with the creams you use to get the best results.

The most important thing is to find a few good products that do something good for your skin and that you enjoy using. Skincare products should be suitable for your skin type so that your skin is moisturised, cleansed and cared for optimally. And it should be easy, manageable and manageable in a busy day.

Organic/natural/alternative skincare

The many different cosmetics companies all have plenty of skincare products on their shelves. But if you're an organic foodie, you might also be one of those who prefer organic or natural ingredients on the skin and skincare without parabens, perfumes and mineral oils.

Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of options to choose organic skincare or natural skincare, also known as alternative skincare, over traditional skincare. However, it's important to remember that organic and natural skincare is not necessarily better and healthier for your skin. Organic ingredients and plant extracts can easily trigger allergies in the same way that traditional products can. However, organic and natural skincare is not as full of chemicals as traditional products typically are.

In organic skincare, a large proportion of the natural ingredients are organic and therefore grown without the use of pesticides and fertilisers. But not all ingredients are necessarily organic. And not all ingredients are necessarily natural ingredients either. In natural skincare, the ingredients are mainly plants, herbs and oils from nature. They may or may not be organic.

Both organic and natural skincare contain primarily natural ingredients such as plant oils, essential oils and plant extracts. Overall, organic and alternative products are free from synthetic colours and fragrances, mineral oils, parabens and silicones.

Some of the ingredients commonly used in organic and/or natural skincare are Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, salt, honey, sandalwood, argan oil, olive oil and sunflower oil.

Homemade skincare

If you want to be sure about what you're putting on your skin, you can make your own homemade skincare. It takes time, but at least you know what's in the mix.

Homemade skincare is based on old folk remedies about what works in different situations. Most home remedies date back to a time when there was no cosmetic skincare and people used natural herbs and plants to care for their skin.

Many of the traditional skin care products you can buy do contain herbs and plants, but they also contain a lot of other things that you might want to avoid, which you can avoid by making your own skin care products.

Online, you can find many different natural skincare recipes to make your own homemade creams and cleansers. There are also many recipes for homemade face masks that you can quickly make with just a few natural ingredients.

These include honey, lemon, egg, cinnamon, banana, apple, avocado, carrot, yoghurt, pomegranate, ginger and many more. The different fruits and ingredients are individually - or together - good for different skin types.

However, it is recommended to buy one of the recognised face masks for those with impure skin, pimples and blackheads, which you can find at pharmacies, Boots and our online store.

Check out the range of face masks to suit your problem.

Face Masks | Face mask for spots | Face mask for congested skin

Skincare for men

Men's skin needs skincare, just like women's skin does. But many men don't want to do that. And they certainly don't want to use products that look feminine and smell delicate and sweet. Luckily, there are many products that are specifically aimed at men. These are masculine skincare products that are quick and easy to use. And most men quickly realise that it's actually nice and comfortable to have well-groomed skin that's neither dry nor oily.

For men, good skin care before and after shaving the beard is especially important. Before shaving, it's a good idea to wash your skin and use shaving foam. After shaving, it's important to use a good after-shave cream that soothes and cares for the skin. Our cream is designed specifically for use after shaving and contains Tea Tree Oil, which fights bacteria and prevents irritation and redness.

For women who shave their legs, underarms or bikini line, the same skincare and shaving tips apply. For leg hair removal, we recommend our Body Balm, which contains antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and is great for nourishing the skin after hair removal.

FAQ about skincare

What qualifies as good skincare?

Good skincare is skincare that suits your skin type, age, skin condition and the needs of your skin. Good skincare doesn't mean lots of expensive products. The most important thing is that you use products that suit your skin. Your skin needs to be washed, cleansed and moisturised in the right amounts.

What is organic skincare?

Organic skincare is skincare where a large proportion of the natural ingredients are organic and therefore grown without the use of pesticides and fertilisers. But not all ingredients are necessarily organic. And not all ingredients are necessarily natural ingredients either.

Why do you need skincare?

The skin needs care to maintain or restore its suppleness and moisture. The purpose of the skin is to keep fluid inside the body and dirt, bacteria, heat, cold and other things out of the body. That's why it's important that the skin is in balance.

Skincare - What works?

What skincare works for each individual is very different. It's important that you choose skincare according to your skin type, age and skin condition. If you have specific skin problems or skin conditions, skincare should also take this into account.

How does one ensure good skincare?

Good skincare is essentially about washing and cleansing the skin and then adding the right amount and type of moisture. So that the moisture balance in the skin is maintained or restored if your skin is lacking in moisture.

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